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Nice to see the Cine City redevelopment is proceeding so well

Nice to see the Cine City redevelopment is proceeding so well, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

It’s been four or five years since they tore down Cine City with the promise of posh flats and shops. And the site is still empty.

I know the cinema was a loss maker and the building decrepit, but it’s frustrating when older buildings are pulled down in she name of “progress” and the land left fallow because the developers lost interest or were too incompetent to secure enough funding.

RIP (sort of) The Mark Addy

I never got to enjoy The Mark Addy in its more recent foodie guise, but I have fond memories of the cheese platters it used to do. It was an option as a food stop on my upcoming birthday pub-crawl, but may now be by-passed (if it’s even open to sell beer) as it’s off the route a little.

THE well-known and much loved Mark Addy pub is to close as a restaurant with immediate effect. This means it will not re-open after the Christmas/New Year break which was due to finish on Monday 6 January.

Costs associated with upgrading the kitchens and restaurant areas have led to the decision. The physical upkeep of the site has been an issue for some time.

via The Mark Addy To Close | Food Drink | Manchester Confidential.

Let’s all move to a different planet

10 Most Habitable Alien Worlds by alltime10s
Video via Geeks Are Sexy

The Earth Similarity Index, ESI or “easy scale” is a measure of how physically similar a planetary mass object is to Earth. It is a scale from zero to one, with Earth having a value of one. The ESI was designed to measure planets, however the formula can also be applied to large natural satellites and other objects. The ESI is a function of the planet’s radius, density, escape velocity, and surface temperature. These parameters are often estimated based on one or more known variables. Such variables depend greatly on the method of observation used. For example, surface temperatures is influenced by a variety of factors including irradiance, tidal heating, albedo, insolation and greenhouse warming. Where these are not known, planetary equilibrium temperature is frequently used, or the variable is inferred from other known attributes.

Earth Similarity Index – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.