The end of those stupid ‘Cyclists Stay Back’ stickers?

After lobbying by several cycling and road safety groups, TfL have agreed to phase out the yellow ‘Cyclists Stay Back’ stickers which were on their vehicles and those of their contractors. They’re going to work on something with better wording. And, hopefully, reminding their drivers how they should be behaving on the road.

Road safety organisations have for several months been pressuring TfL to act on the stickers, described as “offensive” by London Cycling Campaign (LCC). Evidence has mounted that drivers of stickered vehicles have acted as though the stickers gave them the right to harass and endanger cyclists.

If you are, or know, a driver who’d like to convey a more positive message, the website have some ‘Cyclists, Stay Awesome’ stickers.

via Transport for London agrees to scrap 'Stay Back' stickers |