Zombies vs Vampires, part 14   Recently updated !

“Sorry mate, they’ve gone.” The cabbie waved his hands around, taking in the whole of the road ahead of them. “Way he took off, like, I say they saw you. What they done that they’re avoiding you?”

“We haven’t done anything to them. We just wanted to ask them some questions.”Danielle said, upset.

“Running like that does suggest guilt about something though, doesn’t it? I think we’re onto something, I just don’t know what.” Tom said. Perhaps it would offer some consolation. “And if that was Terry, at least now we know he’s still alive.”

“I suppose so.”

“Do you want me to drop you here? I could drive you around a bit, a car like that’ll stand out. And black cabs all look the same, they won’t know we found them again.”

Tom looked to Danielle for a decision. “Let’s drive around a bit. Who knows?”

“Okay. Which way at the lights?”

Now Danielle had to turn to Tom for a decision. “Straight on, then head for Ancoats. We’ll go and have a look at the old tent town. Then, I don’t know.”

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