Zombies vs Vampires, part 16

This is the first draft of Zombies vs Vampires, each chapter posted within a few days of being written. As a first draft, there will be continuity errors, and sections that will need to be deleted, moved, re-written or expanded for the final version. Please bear this in mind as you read it. If you spot something you think needs changing in any way, don’t hesitate to tell me in the comments. I’ll give you a shout out in the published version.

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* * *

They had caught the couple a short distance from the road, falling on them when their shock made them stumble and trip. As the young lovers died, traffic past metres away, none of the drivers or passengers noticing the horror going on so close by.

Sated, Glenn stood over Carl and Karl as they ate. They were out of sight of the towers again, but there was another instinct drawing him now. Something in his body, an ache in his neck, told him which direction he should go in now.

Carl and Karl looked to Glenn when they were done, waiting for him to move. They stayed, like statues, until the man and woman started twitching again, pulling themselves up to join the gang. Now, the feeling guiding Glenn had settled down, and he knew which way to head.

They couldn’t quite stride- none of them had that much coordination any more- but their movements were more determined than their hungry shuffle had been. Heading away from the main road, the group found a smaller street that ran parallel. Turning down this, they headed toward Manchester again.

The street took them behind houses and blocks of flats. There were some signs of life in the buildings, but Glenn ignored them. He was leading his gang toward the beacon that pulsed in the wound at his throat.

Between a tower block and the railway, they came upon their target. Only one of the three bodies had the enticing warmth of fresh food, but the other two held a fascination of their own. They almost sparkled.

For a moment, Glenn paused. They had been seen. The warm figure started moving, but the other two stayed where they were. Glenn didn’t register emotions any more, but something inside him knew he should hurt the sparkling woman. An instinct, taking the place of thought, told him to start by attacking the boy beside her.

Glenn stepped forward, walking toward the boy. His target made a noise that he would have recognised were he still alive, and stepped back.

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