Zombies vs Vampires, part 27

This is the first draft of Zombies vs Vampires, each chapter posted within a few days of being written. As a first draft, there will be continuity errors, and sections that will need to be deleted, moved, re-written or expanded for the final version. Please bear this in mind as you read it. If you spot something you think needs changing in any way, don’t hesitate to tell me in the comments. I’ll give you a shout out in the published version.

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The Mistress considered the three humans she had brought into her castle. It may have been the penthouse of a city centre tower, but she still thought of it as her fortress. No mortal, unless they were servants such as Leech or destined to be food, should ever be allowed to enter this place. These three had entered as neither of those. She had invited them in, which could be an amusing inversion if it weren’t for the circumstances.

She normally had an easy power over mortal humans and animals, but it depended upon them falling for her glamour before they could think to defend themselves. These three had already shifted to a fight response before they met her, and they showed no sign of backing down from it any time soon. Nonetheless, they would each have weaknesses. The Mistress studied them. Under her power or not, she could still read mortals, with skills honed over centuries.

The older of the women was the easiest to assess. She was Terry’s sister, so would be worried for his safety. If he was not lost, and they could meet, she would, no doubt, want to win back his humanity. She would be at her weakest when she realised the futility of that mission, so it was best not to reveal the permanence of his change yet. Which would be easy enough, she had yet to fully accept that the Mistress was a vampire, so might not even realise Terry had been lifted up.

The man was decent, but far from perfect. The problem for the Mistress was that she was sure he understood his failings. He had no grandiose self image, didn’t think himself a knight. But he would do what he could to protect the women, likely up to the point where he put himself in danger. The urge to heroism had destroyed many men before, bringing several into her family. Their imagined heroism had given them further to fall, though. She would have to bring this man down hard if she was to break him.

The youngest woman was the hardest to read. She seemed to be running on pure emotion, an anger that would be beautiful to the Mistress, if she weren’t one of its subjects. Under the rage, though, was the terror that had brought it on. She had experienced extreme fear, but, somehow, been able to subvert it and channel it into another, more immediately useful emotion.

It was unforeseeable that these three be allowed to survive the night. But she couldn’t bring herself to kill them yet. They could be useful in defending against those creatures outside, but that wasn’t the only reason she held back.

Terry might be lost to her now, torn apart where those ghouls had attacked them. But his sister had a similar glow to her aura. The Mistress would hate to lose that glow a second time, it had enlivened her bed chamber. Perhaps she could turn the sister.

Maybe she could lift the younger woman up as well. That anger, coupled to immortal strength, would be awe inspiring. As long as she could ensure it was directed away from her.

Even the man would make an interesting vampire. He would deny it, but there was a nobility about him. That humility made him better than all the self appointed saints the Mistress had met across the years. They had all convinced themselves they were acting for the glory of their god or ideology, when they were truly driven by pride. He knew his flaws, and still tried to do good despite them. Most likely, he didn’t adhere to any of the religions or politics that had preyed upon the vanity of others. It would be most entertaining to see him torture himself over the mortality of his hungers.

Their fates remained to be determined, but the Mistress wanted to start now on pushing them to breaking point. She had become adept at playing the long game when winning over or destroying mortals. She didn’t have years to work these three- maybe not even many hours- but she still had to start the process slowly.

Leech existed to upend her plans this night. She was considering her may ways to start her work on the guests, when he rushed into the room. He had barely even left. “The others are ready for you Mistress. But He is on the video connection, and He demands that you talk with Him.”

Her sire. The man she owed her immortality, and all the vices and lovers it had allowed her to experience. She had been chief of His lovers for nearly two decades, a long time ago, and it was He who had set her up as queen of her own nest. She was nobility within the vampire community, because of their connection, but still bowed before Him with the rest of Europe’s immortals.

“What does He want?” She felt fear.

“The others say that He knows what is happening. He wants you to explain.”

The Mistress had thought she was scared by the night’s developments, but this was worse. For the first time in decades, she felt terror.

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