A Death In Didsbury – 18


“Your boss seemed more…. amiable than I’d been led to expect.” Irwin commented from the back seat.

Kay and Leanne shared a quick look. “He wasn’t as angry about you being there as I expected.” Kay admitted.

“I think he shat himself when you pulled out your gun, though.” Leanne added, with a smirk.

“Yes, but that’s an appropriate reaction. I always shit myself when Irwin pulls out his gun. It’s meant he’s got me into a dangerous situation, all the other times.” Kay’s expression suggested that even she couldn’t believe she was joking about it.

“He has a reputation, and it’s deserved, but, when the case is big enough, he can be professional enough.” Leanne offered.

“I suppose so. I’ve never taken the time out to think about it. But it does become about using us all as efficiently as possible when there’s a big case on. The rest of the time, though…. I mean, he did almost blow this investigation apart right at the very start because of an old grudge.” Kay shook her head.

“What happened?” Irwin asked. They had a bit of a drive ahead of them, particularly with the heavy traffic they were stuck in, and he wanted some gossip to pass the time.

So Kay and Leanne told him about Campbell’s encounter with Joe and Rachel at the crime scene. Then Kay recounted Joe’s history with the Police. As it was the second time in as many days, she found herself warming to the subject, and adding joking asides.

“I think I’d like to meet these two.” Irwin concluded when the story was over.

“I’m sure you will, if you insist on hanging around with us until this is all over.” Kay conceded. “Joe Wilkinson is almost as much of a trouble magnet as you are. I think you’ll get along wonderfully.”