We know who the real threats to free speech are

The linked article is about efforts to censor free speech on university campuses in the USA, but feels relevant to Britain as well. Unsurprisingly, the people shouting loudest about free speech are the ones actually trying to take it away.

As well as everything mentioned in the article, I have to add that criticism, mockery, and protest are also valid forms of free speech. And the claims of censorship are lies as well. Every ‘cancelled’ celebrity and academic gets to tell the papers and the TV news all about it, but we never get to hear from the big, bad censors.

Saying that students embrace censorship on college campuses is incorrect — here’s how to discuss the issue more constructively https://theconversation.com/saying-that-students-embrace-censorship-on-college-campuses-is-incorrect-heres-how-to-discuss-the-issue-more-constructively-205813

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