Ian Pattinson

Keir Starmer is a coward   Recently updated !

It makes sense, though. The push to make the televised leaders’ debates Tory and Labour only comes primarily from Labour. Starmer will barely have to open his mouth if he’s facing Sunak- just let Rishi be Rishi and Tory votes will keep falling.

But throw a Green, or even a Libdem, into the mix, and viewers will be reminded how far Starmer is from what the country really needs. It makes sense for him to chicken out of that.


One day,Vladimir Putin will die.

And the power struggle between those who would succeed him will be intense. As this article outlines, Putin will likely stay in office until he expires, if only for his own safety. He has built a power structure around him that leaves no clear contender for the throne when he’s gone.

Obviously, we’ll celebrate when Putin dies, but we should also be worried about what comes after him.