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Seeing as this is Spinneyhead, the only site in the UK with exacting knowledge of all things wrong with everything, I found something based on famous artist Saul Steinberg that has been updated for the present. To help increase USA awareness, here is how it came about. The work was originally a 1976 New Yorker cover called The World from 9th Avenue, depicting how a New York person would see the rest of America (California appears as small ridge on the horizon).

A collection of his original works and more about the famous artist is here. His foundation does an excellent job of explaining a complex yet inspired man.

The World From a Bushies Eye

For those embarrassing moments:

I see that Spinneyhead has been on a bit of a geek love fest this week, so the thought occurred as to what happens when one needs to hide the geekiness for a while?

Thanks to BBSpot, now you have ten ways to clean up the image a bit.

Here’s one of them:

10. Calculating their blood alcohol level at the bar while alone in the bathroom.

Looks like Manchester has been snubbed again:

This time by the New York Times article extolling the virtues of the second city. Which second city? Birmingingham of course! A quick quote:

IRMINGHAM, England � It has long been fashionable to scorn Birmingham, the second city of Britain.

“One has no great hopes of Birmingham,” comments the snobbish Mrs. Elton in Jane Austen’s “Emma.” “I always say there is something direful in the sound.”

Prince Charles disdained Birmingham’s blighted downtown as having “no charm, no human scale, no character except arrogance.”

The common joke has been that Britain’s much maligned No. 2 city was so unsightly that its downtown tangle of freeways, known as Spaghetti Junction, had more lanes taking you out of the city than in.

“When I was at Oxford and I’d say I was from Birmingham,” said Benedict Fisher, 23, a public relations executive, “people would always have a sarcastic reaction like, `Well, someone has to be,’ or `Isn’t it nice that someone actually lives in that grim, drab, industrial waste?’ ”

Through the centuries the locals, known as “Brummies,” stoically endured their countrymen’s abuse. “Brummies have low expectations,” said Mary Lodge, a retired Birmingham teacher. “They expect to get kicked.”

Her husband, the writer David Lodge, has lived here since coming to teach in 1960, but his novels that are set in Birmingham do not treat the place much better than outsiders do. “Brummies are ruthlessly ironic, laconic and inherently nonchauvinistic,” he said over lunch at their house in the leafy university district. “My satirizing of Birmingham was taken with great good humor by the locals.”

Now the city’s reputation as a rustbelt cripple and its residents’ wry resignation at being the laughingstock of the country may be coming to an end, and other Britons, for a change, are taking positive notice.

All it took was a Selfridges to heal the pus filled scabs crowding the city.

Ok. I was debating whether or not to use

johnnytheo for this post, but I think both outlets deserve a link to modern American thinking.

I have just spent an hour viewing FOX NEWS live broadcasts. If anyone in the world believes the old axiom of the truth in America media, just look at Fox, especially (scroll down) the video snippet entitled “Talking Points”. Trust me, if you have some time to kill and broadband, this may explain why certain sectors of the American populace aren’t too happy with Mr. Murdoch.

Out of general stupidity. Mr P., why don’t you spend nearly as much time castigating the British political heirarchy?

Get your talking GW Bush doll – THIS IS A MUST SEE!!!! TOO FUNNY!

Toypresidents � has been founded upon the principles of education and discovery of the American political system with the introduction of a collectible series of political talking action figures. Our products are not endorsing specific public figures; rather our products endorse the democratic system of government itself. Toypresidents � seeks to promote a better understanding of the democracy we cherish and the individuals who have devoted their lives to serving the American people, both past and present.

Go hear George Bush speak for yourself every time you press his lapel USA pin!!! Hahahahahahahahaha!

The British Get Drunk In Prague?

No. Say it ain’t so. Well, ask the NY Times which has an interesting article on the aweful behaviour of the British in the lovely city. registration required, but all hasslefree. A couple of quotes just for fun:

PRAGUE, Aug. 30 � The party started early on Friday, when EasyJet’s 6:15 a.m. flight to Prague took off from Stansted Airport in Britain.

“We looked on the Internet and these were the flights that were available,” said a 30-ish passenger whose breakfast, three cans of Kronenborg, was lined up in front of him.

“I thought we were going to Barcelona, but apparently Prague is quite a historical and cultural city.” He snickered……

……”As a friend of mine said the other day, the British treat every day as if it were New Year’s Eve,” said Ivo Lorenc, who rents out apartments to tourists, and who once cleaned up after a party of four Britons who stayed for two nights and left 100 empty bottles behind.

Hmmm. Interesting.


World Heralds Coming of Spinneyhead.Com – Investors Anticipate Increased Demand is now transporting surfers over to!!!

Market Analysts predict Spinneyhead could treble market share overnight by moving the main site over to the .com domain and auto-forwarding from the one. It remains unclear whether the Senior Management team can come to grips with modern day marketing techniques.

It is about time the Spinneyhead brand went global…



Following the purchase of by Johnnytheo, all current staff of Team Spinneyhead are being offered SENIOR MANAGEMENT POSITIONS at the brand spanking new SPINNEYHEAD.COM. This will mean salary increases, the opportunity to drive content forward, develop closer relationships with the blogging public and choose your title and responsibilities.

The new website will be loosely based on the familiar outline known and loved by many, but this could be your chance to captain the ship without collecting 12% of readership and forcing a management recall!!!!


Anyone want to buy has purchased the domain rights to!!!!!

We plan to launch merchandising endeavors shortly unless the management team at spinneyhead decide to buy the rights….

Well, Spinneyhead, whats the offer?????

lets see. Anyone have any comments on what type of content to put on the freshly purchased domain?

If I ever posted anything previously not worth linking:

This is the holy grail. In California they are in the middle of a recall vote for the governship. I know I can’t write sentences, and I realise my American education was a let down, BUT PLEASE READ THIS DOCUMENT. It outlines why the governor should be recalled and the Governors reponse. One page. Think about it. One page. No Doctoral thesis in this ONE document:

RECALL NOTICE. Straight from the government website. ONE PAGE!

Thanks Fark, for pointing out the farking idiocy of todays American politics.

Something tells me Ian needs a copy of this….

Take a look at the site here:

THe Dating guide by and for nerds:

So you are a nerd. Even worse a cyber-nerd. You may not exactly fit the description of the coke-swilling pizza-eating socially inept 150+ IQ misfit, but let’s face it, you do surf the Internet, right? That’s why you are reading this. And you are wondering why it is so hard to get an SO, right? Right. This guide is for you!

Go get em tiger.