Rugby Central Station Model (2)

For those who remember my post a little while ago, i’m constructing a scale model of the now demolished Rugby Central railway station.

I’ve started to apply brick paper which was printed out on my rather old HP Deskjet 550C. It’s a respectable quality even though all it’s capable of is a rather low resolution when compared to todays printers. I think the model is starting to take shape…

Photo of the actual building
Model photo 1
Model photo 2

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Rugby Central Railway Station

A few weeks ago I came across some construction plans for the former Rugby Central railway station. I’ve scaled them down to 1:76th scale and have started to recreate the station building using pieces of foamboard.

Old Rugby Central Station Photo

Photo of my ‘work in progress’ model


The full size plans can be found here if anyone fancies having a go themselves.

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Arpley Bus Station

Ian has asked me to show the progression of my model railway, as it’s 18 feet long it’s an extremely long term project. It’s only been in existence for a month or so but most of the models are from my last layout about 10 years or so ago.



With Ian talking about Spinney Street, I thought it was a good time to mention how i’ve tackled a similar situation. The “tarmac” i’ve trialed here is the surface of a Wickes kitchen worktop (available at £25 for a 3m length!) which I had left over and seems to work rather adequately.
I’m a fan of the free texture databases that can be found on the internet – the pavement is a texture rescaled and tiled in a desktop publishing program. The texture is available here. It’s raised an ice lolly stick width off the road surface to denote a pavement height. I would suspect it’s almost in scale as it does look reasonable. The road lines are done in a similar fashion to the paving stones in a DTP package and simply printed out and stuck down.

Just the roof of the station building to cover in a so far undecided texture and maybe respray the “MerseyBus” liveried bus into Magic Bus livery.

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