The 12 Days of 2007 – December

Holyhead 11:45

Ouch, the aftermath of a car crash at the end of our road.

Fiction – The Chip: first draft, first chapter, Chapter 2, first draft

It takes a Ninja to kill a Ninja

They say you can never go home

We filmed the first part of Venn, a teaser mini episode now labelled episode 0.

Twisted WheelThe TwangHappy Mondays

A request from the Spinneyhead removals service. We’ve helped with half a dozen house moves this year. Nobody else is allowed to move house until July 2008.

The 12 Days of 2007 – November

Pages from my sketchbook.

Beer Fest (one of many pictures). The Mouse made lots of friends.

More film extra work. However, this was through a different agency, and they’ve charged me a management fee exactly equal to what I earned.

I started work on Tiger, a comic for mobile phones. Then I changed my methods completely.

The 12 Days of 2007 – October

From Rochester we went to Niagara, where we celebrated Skippy’s birthday and played with the spotlights that lit the falls. From Niagara it was on to Buffalo, Hudson and New Jersey.

The Mouse got a Facebook account. He has more friends than the humans in the house.

I was Cosmo Man

More extra work, at Withington Hospital

The 12 Days of 2007 – September

The Spinneyworld store opens, it’s still not got much stock, but I’m going to start filling it.

The Art Car Parade.

Heat death of the refrigerator.

September saw the Spinneyhead trip to New York. When we landed I was dressed for a Manchester September, not the hot and sticky night we flew into. One of the first things I thought as our taxi rumbled onto the freeway was “Wow, this looks just like the streets in Midnight Club.” Traffic was heavy. In one queue a limo pulled up beside us and I could hear the familiar opening verse of “Laid” by James. No matter where you are, you can never get too far from Manchester.

Our Manhattan hotel was an eccentric dive, but the Mouse preferred the room in Rochester. The reason we were there was Harry and Meg’s wedding. Further proof that you can’t escape Manchester was the beermat in a Rochester bar telling us all about the pub we used to do the quiz in.

Pictures from the USA trip are in this set on Flickr.

The 12 Days of 2007 – June


Stockport Beer Festival.

Burnt to the Ground, featuring Arthur Brown, Peter and the Wolf

Fiction – Ruby Red available through Lulu.

I got all my hair shaved off.

I took part in the Naked Bike Ride. My penis is proving quite popular (on the internet), this picture, featuring me, another bloke and two rather attractive women with odd headwear, all of us naked, is the most favourited of my flickr images.

The Mouse went missing.

Spinneyhead’s favourite driving games (before we got the 360, there’ll be an update when we’ve played enough new games).

Manchester Metropolitan degree show.

The old Spinneyhead galleries were transferred to flickr.

We had a tomato.

The 12 Days of 2007 – May

Revisiting Ruby Red.

More prints on Deviantart.

Doing voiceover for Memory.

One in, One out. The May Day bank holiday weekend wasn’t a good one. Granted, Damian became an uncle again, but that was overshadowed by the death of Andy McCruden.

Fiction- So Much To Answer For, a novella available through Lulu.

Casa Spinneyhead got a fish tank.

Another Critical Mass.

The 12 days of 2007 – January

I published a few pieces of fiction in January-

A Sort of HomecomingVenn (which is now the title of Spinneyhead Presents’ current project.) – How Deep is Your Love

Celebrated my birthday in typical style.

Memory started filming, with footage shot in the Green Building and Salford Quays.

And I ended the month by proposing a cycling petition.