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Salford based political genius Richard Carvath is a gift that just keeps on giving. He’s supposedly on a self imposed blogging embargo until the end of October, but he keeps breaking it. Most recently he popped up to give us “a rare glimpse of the sort of efforts I do make with the media in my work, and also to show the sort of well-written, heavyweight letter which rarely sees the light of day in newsprint“.

The well written letter goes Godwin in the first sentence by comparing someone with a view different to Carvath’s to the Nazis (and slave traders). It ends with the heavyweight suggestion that human rights abuses in China somehow are the same thing as women in Salford choosing whether or not to have an abortion.

It’s almost too easy to pick on Carvath, but whilst he maintains his ill informed and often offensive opinions he’s going to keep providing material for my amusement.

So Much To Answer For- Part 7

Joe had been in his house for three years. It was the longest he had stayed with anything. The other tenants had turned over a few times. Previous combinations had only functioned as a household, but the current grouping would consider each other friends.

The household still didn’t know much about Joe’s life before he had taken up residence. This was exactly how he would have it. However, that meant they didn’t know how Tommy Hill had stolen all his money and implicated him in gun running.

Hill was sitting on the sofa, drinking tea from a Scooby Doo mug.

“Get out of my house.” Joe didn’t sound as angry as he felt.

“Dude, that’s harsh. Your housemate let me in, she seems like a nice girl.”

“Yes, well, I’ll have words with her and she won’t be making the same mistake again.”

“All I need is for you to hold something for a while. There’s a cut in it for you.”

“I don’t want a cut of any deal of yours. Get out or I’ll call the Police.”

“Really? You didn’t yesterday. Not really.”

“Yet somehow they know you’re in town. How you’ve stayed ahead of them I don’t know.”

“I’m good.”

“You’re lucky. Get out.” Joe gestured out the door.

Hill stood, but didn’t move any further. “If you won’t do this for me will you at least, well, do something for me?”


“I want to get in touch with Sarah. Set things right. I shouldn’t have taken off like that.”

“You can’t set right what you did.”

“I can apologise.”

“That’s not going to be enough.”

There was a silence. Hill considered the door, then went for another try. “I could….”

“She was pregnant. She had an abortion. Nothing you say or do will sort things out, so don’t even try.” It was more than he should have said, and he felt sick for letting it slip. But he was angry. Now he was angry at himself as well as Hill, and that just made things worse.

Hill, to his credit, recognised he wasn’t winning. Joe followed him to the door and watched as he walked away.

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NaNoWriMo Progress

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Squeal Little Piggy!

The sex lives of America’s extreme rightwingers.

Last night, anti-abortion extremist Neal Horsley was a guest on The Alan Colmes Show, a FOX News radio program.


AC: “You had sex with animals?”

NH: “Absolutely. I was a fool. When you grow up on a farm in Georgia, your first girlfriend is a mule.


Horsley said, “You experiment with anything that moves when you are growing up sexually. You’re naive. You know better than that… If it’s warm and it’s damp and it vibrates you might in fact have sex with it.”

via Fleshbot (NSFW)

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Abort, Retry, Fail?

My opinion on whether I want to go to the USA sways back and forth several times a day. If someone wants to give me twenty grand (real money, currently $1.904 to the pound, not dollars) I’d love to spend October, November and the start of December in the States, blogging daily reports on the mood of the country before during and after the election. I reckon I could write a one or two thousand word essay, sometimes with photos, every day. Which would make a great book pitch when it’s all over. Not quite Gonzo journalism, more Fozzy Bear (with bursts of Animal).

Anyway, US Election news- Larry Flynt has tracked down evidence that Wubble U arranged an abortion for his girlfriend. And Howard Dean looks set to drop out of the Democrat race.

How Would Jesus Vote?

Howard Dean discovers religion

“We need better to connect policies with religious values,” said Ed Kilgore, the policy director of the influential Democratic Leadership Council, which provided the backing for Mr Clinton’s presidential campaigns. “Silence on God isn’t golden as far as Democrats are concerned. The Bible is not all about abortion and homosexuality. It’s also about injunctions to take care of the poor and social justice.”

And this morning yet another Democratic contender spoofed my refferer logs.


America’s religious nutters are less murderous than those of the Middle East- probably because they’re more certain of bullying politicians toward their agenda- but only just. Anti-abortion campaigners have taken to claiming that the murder of clinic doctors is justified as defence of the unborn children and now, with one of their number due for execution soon, they are promising to bring down their unholy wrath again. Even when they have an undisputably guilty murderer the death penalty is an evil form of punishment, and the last thing the Pro Life crowd should be given is a martyr.

It can't last…

There has been a shocking outbreak of common sense.

The US Supreme Court decided that it wasn’t legal to arrest people for having consensual sex in their own homes, even if they’re *whisper it* homosexual. As a result of this, sodomy laws in a lot of states will have to be changed as they have been ruled unconstitutional. I ranted about this a while back.

A Dallas court also denied an attempt by Miss Roe (the woman who won the case that made abortion legal in the US) to reopen the case, ie she was appealing against winning the case. Cases can be reopended within a reasonable time, but Judge David Godbey ruled that 30 years was beyond that.

Finally, a UK High court ruled that while it’s perfectly reasonable to call in sick and go to the pub instead, it’s also perfectly reasonable for your boss to sack you for it if you get caught. Apparently Chris Evans hadn’t realised this, which is a shame as it would saved him a lot of legal costs.

I’m sure normal service will be resumed soon!