West Didsbury Architecture Wander

I went in a different direction for this architecture trawl.

Before I get to any buildings, here’s what the old railway line looks like now they’ve taken away a load of trees-

The old railway line

I’ve been meaning to get pictures of this building for a while. It’s the Local Board Offices. Board of what, I’m not sure, but it is nice.

local board offices 6

local board offices 5 local board offices 4 local board offices 3 local board offices 2 local board offices 1

A little further down the road is the Mercantile Bank of Lancashire, now a solicitor’s offices.

Mercantile bank Mercantile bank 2

On to Burton Road. The bike atop G.T. Blagg’s is cool. And there are what appear to be cane structures for training plants on the roof behind it. I wonder what they grow up there?

Blagg bike

I’m not sure how much of the decoration on the Metropolitan is original and how much has been added for atmosphere. It looks nice though.

Metropolitan Metropolitan 2

The Jamieson sign is still there. And, despite the gentrification of Burton Road, Hibbert’s continues its slow decay.

Jamieson Hibbert's

Back up Burton Road to the last of my targets for the day. I forgot to take the proper name of this school. It is an impressive building nonetheless.

school 10

school 9 school 8 school 7 school 6 school 5 school 4 school 3 school 2 school 1

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A Withington architecture wander 3


When I saw that the scaffolding had started to go up around the White Lion I decided I should get some pictures of it before it went the way of Cine City.

Withington-architecture-3 Withington-architecture-4 Withington-architecture-5 Withington-architecture-7

As I was out, I figured I’d take a few more pictures around Withington. Mostly I shot decorative bits and pieces-

Withington-architecture-1 Withington-architecture-8 Withington-architecture-17 Withington-architecture-12 Withington-architecture-11 Withington-architecture-13 Withington-architecture-15 Withington-architecture-20 Withington-architecture-19 Withington-architecture-21

I know it’s not architecture, but I was impressed with this tree.


And finally, a few institutions.

Withington-architecture-2 Withington-architecture-14 Withington-architecture-18

These are amongst my first attempts to use my camera’s raw format and edit them in Photoshop Elements. Hopefuly I shall improve as I take more. I’ll also be wandering further afield.

Camera- Canon PowerShot G11

Software- Adobe Photoshop Elements 8

More bench spotting

More bench spotting, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

This one’s outside Strangeways. Maybe people need a little whimsy whilst waiting to catch the bus after visiting a friend or relative who’s on the inside.

I’m in danger of becoming a bench spotter

Since I started doing the 3d printable designs for model railways and wargames I can’t pass a new piece of street furniture without wondering whether I could make it. These benches, near Manchester cathedral, are particularly nice.

Where the rooms are carpetted with copper

Image from

The floor of The Standard Grill in The Standard Hotel in New York is laid with pennies. I imagine it’s a surprise to find out how the floor gets that lovely colour.

Comments on the post point out a Paul Smith boutique with walls decorated in pennies and that the Hotel Congress in Tuscon has a similar floor.

Old meets new in an eco house

Few people can afford to spend £800,000 on a house, even one that’s going to start paying for itself with the electricity it generates. Architect Richard Hawkes did, and the result is stunning. The timberal roofing is a modern take on an old technique, and will be planted for added insulation. Heat will be stored during the day to be released when it cools, a simple idea made more efficient with new materials.

Few of the technologies Hawkes uses could be affordable to the average housebuilder, but the principles can be adapted for the lower end of the market.

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Decorative wall thingy

pod040402, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

I don’t know what they’re called.

Another one for the Discontinuous Infill map.

Discontinuous Infill- Ardwick and Ancoats Dispensary

A photo from last year, uploaded to Flickr but never commented on at Spinneyhead. I’m working my way through 2000+ photos to find ones for the Discontinuous Infill map on Platial.

It’s been gutted, by the looks of it, and I don’t know if it’s going to be incorporated into the development going on around it.

Discontinuous Infill- Wholesale

wholesale, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

I have just removed Discontinuous Infill from Lulu. This was a photo book I put together a few years ago of signs painted or carved on buildings around Manchester. I’m going to start work on an expanded version. Part 1 is to go through the pictures in my Flickr account and publish/republish them to Spinneyhead if I think they should be included. As my interest in Platial has been rekindled I’ll try to tag them all on there as well.

Cine City time lapse part one

I’m going to try to get at least one photo a week as they take the old cinema down.

Living Space 21

Living Space 21 aims to provide cheap, low impact housing for the UK. If you have 40 square metres of land with access you can have one of their Studios on Stilts for £60,000. What’s more, they’ve teamed up with the Co-operative bank who will provide a 95% mortgage, with stages if you choose to go the self build route.

If you do go the self build route they will supply the frame with doors, patio and stilts, if necessary, for less than £20,000. Plotsearch is recommended if you need to find the land for your build.

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