Artificial Intelligence

All the ways that AI can kill us

AI should never be allowed to implement decisions, is the take away from this article. There are so many ways in which the perfect psychopaths created by machine learning could make perfectly logical decisions that lead to deaths.

Should we kill all the AIs before they kill us?

I forget the exact line, but there’s an allusion in Neuromancer about the AIs having a shotgun taped to their heads. The core code is all in a box that can be obliterated by an EM pulse or actual kinetic munitions. This piece from Wired is a consideration of whether we now need to do something similar with the real versions of the minds envisioned by William Gibson.

In the short term, I don’t see AI as an immediate existential threat, but we should be thinking hard about what areas we restrict its use in, and how we do that.

I guess I’m a little bit Luddite

In the tradition of the original Luddites, though. As a writer, and occasional artist, I find the whole ChatGPT craze wrong headed and possibly even a danger to what little I currently earn from my creative work.

Just like in the time of the mills, it’s the wealthy and lazy who will gain the most from this technology, at the expense of the struggling artist and artisan.