bad taste

Four colour Goatse

Warning If you don’t know what Goatse is, don’t go looking for it. Seriously. Don’t. I won’t be held responsible if you do. If you do know what it is then your mind is already broken and that’s not my problem.

Last weekend I picked up a bunch of cheap bagged comics, 6 for a pound. You see them in newsagents sometimes, I guess they’re overstocks- dating back to the late eighties in some cases- that someone’s making a final bid to raise money from. In amongst the ones I picked up was issue 2 of Megalith from Continuity Comics, dating back to 1989.

It wasn’t obvious until page 7, but the hero had projected himself into his own body to fix the damage done by a bomb blast.

megalith number 2 page 5

There’s Megalith, patching up holes by creating multiple naked copies of himself and squeezing realy hard. I couldn’t help but notice the similarity of the first and last panels on this page to a certain notorious internet image.

megalith number 2 page 6

The Goatse echoes continue on page 6, particularly the first and penultimate panels.

Once you’ve seen the original Goatse your subconcious inserts it into otherwise relatively innocent images. Which is why it carries a health warning at the top of this post. Don’t have any bad dreams now.