The Ghost Ship

This sounds like the pitch for a horror movie. A crewless ship, adrift with only rats which will have started each other on board. It needs a stash of gold bars and maybe a few ghosts, just to take it to the next level.

Mystery of the Lyubov Orlova: Ghost ship full of cannibal rats ‘could be heading for Britain’ – Home News – UK – The Independent.

Cry havoc and loose the incendiary pigs of war!

Appearing about 240 BC, incendiary pigs were an interesting weapon thought to have been utilized in ancient Roman warfare. The concept was to cover the pig in tar and a flammable substance and, when lured close enough to the advancing or defending enemy the pigs would then be lit on fire. The hope was that the pigs would run uncontrollably into the ranks of the opposing force, causing a certain level of confusion. In any event, the idea was to make use of the weapon as a psychological tool to harass or scare the enemy into submission, or break his concentration at the very least.

More here. You can buy models of them (unlit) from EM4 miniatures.

I think I want a flying hydrofoil

The X-Planes tumbleblog has been doing a special feature on the Schneider trophy. The race was for flying boats and the floats they needed slowed the planes down. In 1929 the Italians came up with a typically gorgeous but mad design that tried to get around this. The Piaggio-Pegna PC.7 had a fuselage that doubled as a hull, two little hydrofoils instead of floats and a screw and rudder that would power and control the aircraft whilst the propeller was submerged. When it reached a sufficient speed the hydrofoils would lift the body, and propeller, clear of the water and the drive could be switched over. The one seated plane had too many controls that neede attention at once for one man to be able to operate it.

It’s completely mad, and it looks like the sort of thing you’d see in an anime or propellerpunk alternate history. It never flew.


The world leader in male chastity.

Our business started in 1998 with a new approach in male chastity devices. We have proven ourselves worldwide to be the most popular chastity device on the market year after year. Our goals are to continue to come up with updated devices based on our customers needs.

The concept of manufacturing the chastity devices in a highly durable plastic material was well thought out. We wanted them to be light weight, hygienically clean and designed not only for the frequent flyer, but, also for any professional that wants to wear them and still be able to get through metal detectors; i.e. lawyers, pilots, security officers, and judges just to name a few. We recommend wearing the plastic locks under these circumstances for added security as not to set off a metal detector with the brass padlock. The possibility is that you can wear a chastity device 24/7 and not interfere with your normal business routine.