Banger racing

1:76th Rover 100 banger

This was the project I set myself after watching all those banger racing videos on Tuesday. Build an old school banger to sit in a corner of some model railway layout just waiting to go out in metal rending glory.

The Base-Toys Rover 100 used in this project

This is what I started with. A 1:76th (OO) Rover 100 by Base-Toys. Their not the most detailed models out there, but the Base-Toys vehicles have the advantage of being held together with screws rather than rivets. This makes taking them apart to work on so much easier. Oxford Diecasts do this as well, and the Corgi Trackside cars I picked up this week, it makes modding them so much easier.

It screws apart easily

See what I mean.

The interior with seats removed and roll bar added

The first job was the interior. Like any racing car the Rover would have had its interior stripped out and a roll cage added. Seats were removed with a saw, though the driver’s was glued back in after having masking tape seatbelts added. In future I’ll use a Sharpie to make the tape black before doing this. The roll cage was made from solder, bent to shape and super-glued down. After this picture was taken I added some more detail, a gear lever and fire extinguisher. Looking at my pictures from the banger racing I should have added a fuel tank. Another thing to remember for next time.

After painting

Before painting I took my rotary tool to the body to remove details like the radiator grille and door handles and also to gouge a few dents and pre-existing bangs. I forgot to take a picture before painting the body. Citadel foundation colours were used, red and blue, whilst the wheels got some matt black.

Finished car number 32

My small selection of transfers supplied variations on number 32, so that’s what the car became.

Finished car number 32 Finished car number 32

Ready to rumble. One day I may make a whole race meeting worth of bangers, but for now this one can be yours.

May Bank Holiday Banger and Stock Car racing

Banger Racing

These pictures have been sitting for a while, but the banger nostalgia post reminded me to get round to uploading them. A bunch of photos taken at the banger racing and stock cars at Belle Vue at the end of May.

We were promised hearses versus limos but ended up getting just two hearses, one of which was slower than the other. So we didn’t get the mayhem we’d hoped for from that race.

For the first time I went for a walk in the pit area and got a few photos between races. The full set is on Flickr.

Banger racing nostalgia 1

Figure of eight banger racing from World of Sport, back in the days when Grandstand on the BBC had all the dull stuff like football and ITV tried to compete with stuff which was cheaper and generally more fun. Things like this and wrestling with Giant Haystacks and Big Daddy (“Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom was said to be a fan of Big Daddy, as was then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who is said to have quoted him several times during union negotiations in 1983 regarding the long-term unemployed.”???!!!!)

Pre-’68 banger racing from last year.

Heavy Metal Classic from earlier this year at Standlake Arena. The banger racing and stock cars at Belle Vue are fun, but it looks like we’ll have to go further afield for the really spectacular stuff.

Thunderpix has banger racing pictures. I think I’m going to turn a Base-Toys Rover 100 into a banger. Where’s my Dremel?