And on Saturdays I hallucinate

Croc, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

This is but one of the strangely dressed creatures I met on Saturday whilst helping out with a breast cancer campaign collection. The ginger bearded Britney was the scariest and the young lady with the whiskers the sweetest. There are more pictures in the set.

I’m at the Rag cider fest

I’m at the Rag cider fest, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

And not drinking because I’m on my bike. But I am providing signage as usual.

Charidee- Team Ike’s Bogle plans and send Sue to Zambia

This year’s Bogle Stroll is March 6th-7th. Alex and I are entering, probably as Team Ike with baby Bogle Ikes fastened to our bikes. (That sentence will probably only make sense to ten people.) If the weather’s favourable and I can get the training in I’m aiming for four loops of the roll route, about 104 miles, because I’ve managed three loops each of the times I’ve tried previously. The bike is better this year, but sadly the body isn’t. I haven’t found a way to take donations online yet, but if you want to sponsor either of us please email or comment and tell me how much.

If you do want to make a donation online, go to Sue’s page and help her go to Zambia this Summer. If she can raise enough they’ll send her back to us rather than making her hitch home.

Shaken not stirred

Shaken not stirred, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

Ike and I are enjoying martinis mixed by mr Johnson, on the Mound. See you in the new year.

Ike rides the dragon

Ike rides the dragon, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

Dundee likes its statues. I realised last night that I’m Ike’s mascot and he just takes me on all his adventures because he feels sorry for me.

We’ve been playing with fire!

And it has been good. Many hundreds of people with flaming torches.

Ike has made a furry friend

Ike has made a furry friend, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

Sue’s hat scared the children, so she had to take it off while collecting.

The Ed mobile

The Ed mobile, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

I found this picture, but no sign of the faculty of arty-farty subjects ones yet.

The Ed mobile. This was a support vehicle on teh 1993 or 1994 Bogle Stroll, I’m not sure which. The silhouette in the driver’s seat is almost certainly Peter Larkham and the guy in the middle seat will be John Bilham. I haven’t a clue who the bloke in the yellow jacket is, but the person walking toward the van is Richard Ambler, Bogle warlord that year or the one previous.

The Stonehenge Bogles

They don’t make Rag stunts like they used to. In 1966 a bunch of Manchester Raggies scaled the fences at Stonehenge and left behind 16 Bogles- stick figure likenesses of the Rag mascot. You couldn’t do that nowaays, what with all the security paranoia.

Time to confes a couple of my own Rag indiscretions, all over a decade old.

I was the man who painted a banner with “UMIST Faculty of arty-farty subjects and Mickey Mouse degrees” which was hung on the front of Manchester University students’ union one Rag week. I took pictures, but I don’t know if I still have copies.

I was also one of the conspirators in the kidnapping of Ed- the ESCA drinking bunny. Whilst on a raid North of the border we rescued the unfortunate rabbit from captivity in the offices of the Edinburgh Students Charity Appeal (or Association, I can’t remember) and took him back to Manchester where he lived a pampered life. Apart from that time we tied him to the front of a van and drove him around supporting the Bogle Stroll, of course.

I don’t know where Ed is now. Can anyone tell me?

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