Frank sidebottom

Wanna buy a Banksy?

£59,995.00, or a serious offer will get you this piece of authenticated Banksy artwork. You’ll have to collect it yourself, because the postage for a safe is extortionate.


The Banksy is a bargain compared to this nude

The asking price is $21,000,000.00 (approximately £12,835,401.26 by eBay’s calculations), which is a bit much when you can find it listed at Saatchi Online for $5,900. There are a few paintings listed on eBay at stupid prices, is it some attempt to garner attention or play the search engines?

Finally, something for the less wealthy art fan. You can get this image of Frank Sidebottom stencilled on your property and the artist will donate the proceeds towards erecting a statue of the man himself.-