Omaha the Cat Dancer

Omaha the Cat Dancer official website

Omaha the Cat Dancer, started in 1978, may soon be coming to an end. Then I will have to buy all the new collected albums. I’ve only been following the tale since the early nineties, after all.

There is now an official Omaha the Cat Dancer website with publication history and creator biographies.

Not dirty comics, but I’ll add them here. I’ve recently subscribed to the webcomicsnation RSS feeds for Too Hip Gotta Go Graphics, Dementian Comics and From the Fevered Pen of Brendan Douglas Jones.

Definitely dirty comics-

Lost Girls

I remember going to the UK Comic Art Convention in 1990 and attending a talk on adult comics where Melinda Gebbie told us about Lost Girls, the erotic graphic novel she was producing with Alan Moore. I even have the first two large format copies of the series, as published by Kitchen Sink, collecting the first six short chapters. Finally, sixteen years later, the collected graphic novel is going to be published by Top Shelf.

The novel is about Alice, from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Dorothy, from The Wizard of Oz, and Wendy from Peter Pan meeting up in an Austrian hotel in 1913 as adults. Their famous earlier adventures are reinterpreted as tales of their early sexuality. This has been a source of some controversy as Great Ormond Street still holds the rights to Peter Pan in England and has issues with the subject matter.

Lost Girls’ art is watercolour and ink, slightly clumsy and naive looking with rather elongated characters. The heroines are not are not the big titted, long legged secretly subservient amazons of most erotic (and many superhero) comics but moderately caricatured visions of normal body shapes. The sex is the sort that takes place as much in the head as on the page and presented with all the care and creativity you’d expect of Alan Moore. I haven’t read the whole book yet, but I want to. However, I’ll take a stand and say that Omaha the Cat Dancer is still the greatest erotic comic of all time. I’m just waiting for the completed story to be collected so I can have all the volumes on my bookshelf.

Top Shelf have a page dedicated to interviews/ articles about the series, Violet Blue has a few (NSFW) page previews.

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9 Songs

I’ve watched a small number of porn films. The ones that tried to have a story were the worst- those involved should have spent some money on acting lessons rather than silicone and gym memberships.

So 9 Songs isn’t really porn. It has actual actors and a story that isn’t ludicrous.

There are other reasons the film isn’t porn. Sex isn’t the only thing that’s going on. The scenes aren’t sharply lit and the actors don’t contort so the camera can see all the details.

All in all it’s the sort of thing I’ve felt should have been made for a long time. It’s a love story that isn’t coy about what goes on in the bedroom. There could be a market for this sort of thing, but I don’t see much of it being done that doesn’t veer quickly into the cliches of porn. In the mean time, if you want intelligent stories with a healthy amount of realistic sex (even if it is between anthropomorphic animals) I recommend trying Omaha the Cat Dancer.

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The Cat Came Back

Omaha the Cat Dancer returns. New episodes of the cult classic erotic comic are to appear in Sizzle magazine from November. No reviews of the pussy on the site and, even though they’ve been blurred, the ones that are there are definitely NSFW.

If you’re not familiar with Omaha you could do worse than pick up the reprinted Omaha Volume 1

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Take me down to Mipple City

Classic funny animal-soap-erotica comic Omaha the Cat Dancer could be set for a full colour return and new materials as the two creators have patched up their differences. Artist Reed Waller is chronicling the return on a blog, though at the moment the news is sad and bad as writer Kate Worley is undergoing treatment for cancer.

Pop over to the small store and support these guys. I highly recommend Tumbling Boxes, a non-Omaha project that was another of the inspirations for the upcoming Mary Tales.

Ooh, look, a willy!

Mary Tales, so far, has been an excuse to make pictures of naked and partially naked women. But when I launch it as an online strip, I aspire to producing something of the calibre of the late, great Omaha the Cat Dancer– clever, engaging and highly erotic. To do that I’ll have to break the taboo on male nudity and naked women as anything other than objects, as discussed in today’s Guardian.