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Nagasaki Reports

American reporter George Weller was the first foreign journalist allowed to see Nagasaki after the atomic bomb was dropped on it. At the time the reports were censored by the General Headquarters of America’s occupation forces. They have been made available on the internet.

I want to read these because, when Deputised Experts is finished, I’m planning an alternative fifties story where the atom bomb was dropped on Berlin. It’s important to know what the devastation was like.

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Hangar 8

Area 51 satellite images from Google.

The balloon, which google uses to indicate �cool� sports (in this case the Ale�Inn) is on the left, the lake is toward the middle, and there are weird LITTLE green circles barely visible at the top�

Now let�s look at those circles in an extreme close-up, shall we???

I have NO idea what these are, and I�m not sure there are roads connecting these circles to the base (you folks should investigate this too, and let me know), but I get the overwhelming idea that this ISN�T a Tofu farm�

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Holy questionable merchandise Batman!

Warren Ellis has a picture of a Batman squirt gun from a more innocent age. Whilst it’s technically work safe I wouldn’t recommend clicking in the office. Ten minutes after seeing it I still can’t look at the image without cracking up. Favorite comment: “Funny, I always pictured Bats as being more of a top.”


SpaceShipOne took another step toward securing the X Prize. The official X-Prize site has viseo of the flight.

I read an article in the print edition of New Scientist that suggested Ansari might be up for further X-Prizes, for such things as first suborbital flight from America to Australia. No hint of a XXX-Prize- for the first couple to join the Hundred Kilometre Club- though.

via BoingBoing and DiePunyHumans, where the need to be cynical about everything makes Warren Ellis sound like an idiot. By the standards of his comment, the Wright brothers were failures because they didn’t turn up at Kitty Hawk with a Spitfire.

In with the new

Warren Ellis has opened up Die Puny Humans for contributors to outline their wishes and predictions for 2004 (start here and work up and down). I like this idea, so-

‘Former President Bush’ Now I’ll probably get comments asking why a foreigner should care, or dare to comment, about the political situation in the old US of A. Well, the answer is quite simple. What goes on in America impacts, for good or ill, on the rest of us. And with our dear Prime Mimicker trying to following religiously in the chimp’s cloven hoof prints we Brits are the logical second choice for any Al Quaeda clone looking for a target. So for this reason, and all the treaty busting (Do as we say, not as we do), the removal of George junior can only serve to make us all safer. Of course, unless he’s deposed by the Dean/ Clark dream ticket then we’ve just got Republicans by another name in power and the fuzzy warm glow will only last into the middle of 2005.

Thirtysomething With more of my beer group (it’s a bit like a peer group, only we spend too much time in the pub) entering their fourth decade I don’t get to feel so old. It’s not going to stop me running around after 20 year olds though.

Cash flow I’m putting everything into place. I have content and merchandise, payment systems and great plans. What I really need is a big boost to the Spinneyhead brand’s profile. And a part time job that pays well.

Ulcer-be-gone The little bastard really has to heal up and go away.

The End I’ve started a load of projects and I really ought to finish a few of them.

Sex Bachelorhood’s boring, but I’m too shy and crap at the old chatting up thing to have done anything about it. I’m lovely once you get to know me (anyone wishing to endorse me on that please leave praise in the comments).

I’m sure I’ll think of some more. Any other Spinneyheads please add your lists, everyone else feel free to stick stuff in the comments.

Got Comics?

Comics gossiper Rich Johnston has a real career in advertising. The two strands have come together in a recent edition of one of his online columns, where he took up the challenge to create a campaign to sell comics to the masses.

I think Patrick Stewart is my favourite. (He and creator Warren Ellis have hatched, so far, fruitless plans to do a Transmetropolitan movie, with the Bald One perfectly suited to lead character Spider Jerusalem.)

Union Black

As I’m writing a proposal for Union Jack I’m thinking a lot about the symbolism of our national flag. The UJ costume is essentially the flag pasted onto a skintight suit (with requisite utility belt and mask). One of the characters I want to introduce is a black guy who shall represent the English part of the nation, he’ll probably end up with a St. George cross on a black background for his costume, or he might get to wear the UJ suit so he can do the “This Union Jack is all black!” line.

Nigel Turner, of the Reflag campaign, has redesigned the Union Jack flag so that there is some black in it.

via Die Puny Humans (Warren Ellis has been a busy bunny today.)