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Adrift– Page 1 published on Monday (after a slight cock up where it fell through a wormhole and was briefly published in April 2005). Page 10 rendered and lettered. The last few pages have been quite processor intensive render wise, involving about a dozen lights and a lot of elements. There’s one more page in that location then it’s back to the simple one light, one dead guy in a space suit deep space renders.

Tiger– not a lot of progress on the layouts this week. I ahve been messing around with an arts package called ArtRage that Clare bought for me, learning how to use it by working on backgrounds for the early pages. I’m going to be away from the computer for a while this weekend and I’ll try to use that time to get some more layouts done.

Spinneyhead’s archives- I’m trying to republish them all, but, Blogger being Blogger, never get much further than 10% completed. As I remember stand out posts, ones which garnered search engine traffic, I’m republishing them.

How to Save the World for Free- as detailed below, 2 Wheels Good has gone over to the Green side. Dig and Digest will follow at some point. It just makes sense to group those blogs together. I may also start sub-directories dedicated to solar panels, bio-diesel etc. to maximise earnings from the subjects.

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Around Spinneyhead

Mongrels– the first instalment of this webcomic has been delayed due to spending Monday evening in the Eye Hospital and finishing off another project. It will be published on the first day of every week.

Tiger– progress is still slow, only another laid out page this week.

Small Scale Customs- Coming soon. One of my first ideas for online commerce should finally see the light before the weekend’s over.

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Around Spinneyhead

I think I should start giving occasional updates on the states of my various projects, if only to shame myself into finishing them sooner.

Adrift– nine pages rendered and lettered. I’ll start uploading them today or tomorrow for launching next Friday. Tenth page mostly rendered, I’ll get it, and hopefully most of the eleventh page, done tomorrow.

Tiger– four pages layed out. Adrift is getting more of my attention at the moment.

Discontinuous Infill– I’m starting to collect images for a second Discontinuous Infill. This one will probably be larger than the first as I seem to be only doing one a year.

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The Adventures of a Dead Man in a Spacesuit

Another of my upcoming webcomic projects, this one is due before Tiger. In fact, depending upon the work I get done today, it may debut next week.

Adrift is a computer generated comic, done in Poser and with postwork in Photoshop and Illustrator.

I’m still working on the Mongrels universe. It’s sort of post Singularity, with self aware AIs getting citizenship rights and evolving to the point where they run their affairs like corporations. The AIs are patrons to the Mongrels, humans with nanotechnology that enhances their abilities, who exist to protect them against luddite humans and other humans from rogue AIs. (No AI believes it could ever be a rogue computer, of course, but they worry that others might be.) There are a load of other elements I want to include and I’m going to write a more complete bible and start encouraging others to contribute to the shared world.

Less gabbing, must go away and get rendering.

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And this is the promo piece.

Tiger was inspired by the kidnapping element of the huge heist in Kent last month. It’s a Deputised Experts tale, picking up a while after the first series. When a kidnapping in Manchester threatens an MI6 operation abroad, Tom has to rope in the Guns Task Force to rescue the abductees. They only have two hours to do it.

Line art will be hand drawn- I’m trying for a clear line look- with colour a mix of hand and computer.

There’s actually another series, Adrift, that will appear before Tiger. Promo for that coming soon. Meanwhile, click on the image to go to the Tiger homepage and bookmark it.

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