Blood from a stone, money from a bank?

Using the templates at this Telegraph page I’m asking my bank to refund me the excessive charges levied on my account in the last six years. With a little help, I really screwed up my finances in 2001. Not my banks fault, I know, but their charges- particularly the ones for unpaid Direct Debits which were often larger than the sum of the Direct Debit itself- helped keep me in debt. It’s almost as if they wanted me to stay hovering around my overdraft limit so they could carry on charging me, safe in the knowledge that they’d claw this money out of me when I got a job and took my account back into the black.

Anyway, I’m claiming back well over a grand. We’ll see how it goes.

More debt-blogging?
Maybe I lied yesterday when I implied I’d never write about my debts again. The Independent has an article today that includes instructions on how to reclaim unauthorised borrowing fees going back six years. Given that 2001 was when I started to get into financial difficulties, this is something I really have got to do.


I owe some people money. It adds up to a four figure sum (maybe just over the edge into five). I’m paying it off as best I can, a regular amount every month.

One person owes me money that adds up to a four figure sum. They’ve promised to pay some of it back next month. We’ll see.

The Inland Revenue owe me a four figure sum, according to my self-assessed tax return. I’m still waiting for them to confirm my calculations and send me the cheque.

That is all you need to know about my relationship to debt.