Smurfing and other laundry methods

No-one can yet decide just how much cash was stolen in the robbery in Kent, but the Telegraph and the Times have started coinsidering the many ways in which the money can be successfully redistributed.

Smurfing involves breaking the haul down into smaller chunks and giving it to lesser criminals who then open their own bank accounts with it. But any large scale laundering is bound to be hard to do. The Times also suggests heading for the Balkans or somewhere else where bribery of officials is easier. The Telegraph hints at my idea, which would be to buy £20 million worth of cocaine and let the Colombians worry about dealing with the cash.

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The man with the golden longbox

�For a bulky segment of a century, I have been an avid follower of comic strips � all comic strips,� Parker wrote. �This is a statement made with approximately the same amount of pride with which one would say, �I�ve been shooting cocaine into my arm for the past 25 years.��

The uneasy relationship of the literati and comic books.

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You got a revenue plan?

Problogger is looking for a business plan and so am I. Tomorrow I have an interview set up by New Deal that may get me some support to go self employed (I’ll try not to bitch about how the system will offer me all this help now that I’m a statistic when I really needed it when I first signed on and….. Oh. Failed.) so I’m looking at ways to make Spinneyhead a realistic (rather than pocket) money making concern.

None of PB’s ideas will work for Spinneyhead. The basic requirement I keep coming back to is Increase Traffic. From my end I have a number of plans to make Spinneyhead more popular. I’m going to start putting up more media on the main blog- that parrot gave me a huge boost in visitors- and I have some plans to get more in-depth with Eco House. There’s also Spinneyworld, which is taking shape, even if only in my head.

In the meantime, you too can do your bit. Tell a friend about Spinneyhead. Don’t worry, it’s not like introducing them to crack cocaine or midget porn, it will actually make them a better person. Mail a link to the parrot post to everyone who hasn’t seen it yet (in a non-spammy kind of a way, I want good juju from this viral marketing, not bad) or tell them about one of the other really cool things you found here. That is your mission, should you choose to accept it.

This post will self destruct.


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That would explain the paranoia

Wubble U did cocaine at Camp David when his father was President, a Bush family biography claims. The book’s by Kitty Kelley, who has a reputation for doing biographies that concentrate on the dark side- Sinatra, the Royal Family and Nancy Reagan have all had the treatment. she’s even become famous enough to merit an unauthorised biography of her own.

Miss Marple and Kurt Cobain

Well. After realising that I have spent the past month reading Agatha Christie novels (1/2 Hercule and 1/2 Marple) I managed to find the time to read Kurt Cobain’s journals. What bothers me the most is that during Nirvana’s rise to fame during the late 80’s and early 90’s, my scene of punk skateboarders all thought he was just another sell out. No offense to them, but they were everywhere! Now after reading his journals, it is plain as day he cared more about his music and his band than any other worldly goods. Even worse, at least in my small mind, is that the bands he constantly lists as influences thorughout, are some of my favourite bands from the period as well! If only I would have known all this at the time, I probably wouldn’t have tagged the skateramp with “Nirvana suxs”. The other cool thing about his musings, is the fact he hated corporate for taking over punk music and relabeling it “alternative”, and bestest of all, Kurt despises Pearl Jam! Take that Eddie “I want a gay affair with Neil Young” Vedder!

Over and out. PS – Don’t forget to buy a stash of Agatha Christie. The stories are full of adultery, lies, murder and intrigue just as much today as they were back then. As a matter of fact, “Hickory Dickery Dock”, which I was reading last night, contained no less than three murders, cocaine and heroin, dash of adultery and some very black humour. All for the low price of 2/6 a shilling.

I’ve actually been paid to spend the whole day surfing. This borderline cyberloafing is for a purpose, I’m hunting for funding for a hospital project.
Things I discovered-
I was almost as surprised to find that a Procter & Gamble exceutive hadn’t sold his soul to satan as I was to discover the company participates in animal testing.
The Guardian is controlled by a Trust set up to get round death duties that would have shut the paper down.
The Countryside Alliance really are scary. They’ve got data on all their ‘opponents’ that would make a Police state envious.
There’s a man in Cambridge with a huge collection of old computers so that when the first museum of the PC is built they won’t have to hunt out rare boxes.
Cocaine production is one of the largest causes of deforestation in the Amazon. Angus Deayton and John Leslie have got a lot to answer for.
And finally-
It’s the tower blocks in Salford that make it rain in Manchester. Damn those scallies!