e-publishing on the rise in Africa

The great thing about writing for e-readers is that my customers can, theoretically, be anywhere on the globe. My Kindle books are already available in two of the BRICs- Brazil and India- and that’s likely to keep expanding.

The article argues that the rapid growth in internet access and smartphone usage in Africa is creating reading populations that never before existed. I should investigate ways to reach them.


via BBC News – Will e-publishing help Africa switch on to reading?.

Thoughts on the future of books and ebooks

I posted a version of this comment on the blog of Joe Konrath, indie author and ebook guru, in response to his post about predictions for the future of publishing.

I predict that paper will go the way of vinyl- which means it’ll never die.

Go to any decent sized record shop and you’ll still see 7″ and 12″ pressings of new and recent releases. There are record fairs for collectors of old vinyl. I work for a company which sells hifi and AV (audiovisual) kit. In amongst all the 55″ 3D flatscreens and 9.2 channel, dozen format home cinema systems we still list turntables and related equipment. Most of these record players look nothing like your old gramophone, with new materials and ever more precision in their construction. Not only do some people swear they sound better but next to the kit bristling with features they do have an understated beauty.

Whilst ebooks will kill, or at least seriously injure, the plain words on paper, bread and butter end of publishing I predict a rise in books as beautiful objects. My Kindle’s convenient, and you can do some neat stuff with illustrations on an ipad, but there’s a joy to a big book on glossy paper. Add tipped in holograms, embossing etc. and I see what you might call coffee table books turned up to 11. There are also experiments to be done with the medium of words and pictures on paper, such as the recent SVK comic by Warren Ellis and Matt “D’Israeli” Booker which had elements printed in ink that only showed up when you shone the included UV torch at the page. There’ll be some successful publishers that do well from “value added” books, though they’ll probably not be one of the current big guys.

Before you start throwing stones at the Luddite can I just add that, otherwise, I think Joe’s predictions are close to the mark. I’ve been writing for ebooks since about this time last year when I discovered Brits could publish on the Kindle. The backlist and the sales are growing slower than I’d like, but I’m working on the basis that once it’s up it’s there forever and everything else just builds on it. I predict that I’ll have my first $100 month by Easter and will be looking at the prospect of $100 weeks by this time next year.

I’m under the Daily Cheap Reads spotlight today

dailycheapreads.co.uk does exactly what it says in its url and points people to cheap, and occasionally free, ebooks. This month they’re highlighting British indie authors, and today it’s my turn. Bookmark the site and buy some of the bargains from other authors as they come up (because you’ve all bought all my books by now, haven’t you).

Did Santa bring you an ebook reader? Then I have some books just for you

I reckon one of this year’s breakout presents is going to be ebook readers. Amazon’s Kindle will most likely lead the pack, being cheaper than the competition and tied to the world’s biggest bookseller, but there are also Nooks and other readers.

May I recommend, for your reading pleasure, the books which I have published for the Kindle. The books are all DRM free, so you will be able to convert them for other readers using software such as Calibre. I’m still learning how subscription to the blog (Ian Pattinson’s Facts and Fictions) works, but I’m fairly certain it can only be delivered to Kindles, sorry everyone else. However, I have reduced the prices of Ruby Red and So Much To Answer For. And this price drop isn’t just for Christmas.

Yudu e-magazine publisher

Yudu looks interesting. In their own words-

Explore the YUDU library to read online magazines, free eBooks and other digital content. Browse thousands of free digital magazines or buy your favourite titles in the YUDU Store. Self publish your own digital magazines, eBooks, digital brochures and more with our free publisher software.

Simply upload your PDFs and other documents to create search engine friendly page-turning publications that can be added to your website or sent out on email. Create your own personalised library to store and share your digital magazines and other content.

And here’s a sample of one of the magazines you can read for free. I usually find myself drawn to the hotrodding magazines on these e-publishing platforms.-

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Publisher Software from YUDU


I am currently packaging Global Weirding, the tale I wrote for NaNoWriMo a couple of years ago, as an ebook and paperback to be sold through Lulu. It should be done by the end of the month. In the mean time, as I was told that rtf is a better format for reading books on phones and I know at least two people who consume their tales that way, here’s weird.rtf. Download it, read it, pass it on and, if you really like it, buy the book when it comes out.