Lights, Quadcopter, Action!

If I was making a movie I’d be calling on Team Black Sheep, or a local equivalent, to get some aerial footage. The night-time flight high over a cityscape has become something of a thriller cliche, but just imagine how much of a surprise it would be to viewers if you then flew into a boathouse or under a bridge as they do in this video. The quadcopter could allow directors to plan more surprisingly intimate aerial shots. If they haven’t been used in a full length film yet it can’t be long.

Air Manhattan

A bunch of remote controlled plane enthusiasts calling themselves Team Black Sheep shot some great aerial footage of New York. These are the sorts of views we mere mortals would have to steal a helicopter in GTA IV to see. Whatever it is that’s blocking the bottom right of the camera’s view is a bit distracting, but otherwise this is awesome footage.

Can I have one of these to fly around the Lakes when I’m at home some time? Wasdale comes to mind first, but there are a load of other neat valleys I could take it through.

via Jalopnik and Brooklyn Heights Blog

Vertical Airships

Airship.org was set up in 1987 to promote vertical airships as the future of air transport. Tall airships, they claim, are easier to construct, more efficient load carriers and more nimble in the urban environment than their cigar shaped forebears. The description of them having “interesting aerodynamic characteristics” could be read in a number of ways though.

The Airship.org site has specs for several proposed designs and you can download a model of one of their ships to fly in Microsoft Flight Simulator.