Operation Puerto and Le Tour

Some proper sport starts this afternoon with the Tour de France’s opening stage in Strasbourg. However, this year’s race is lacking its two favourites and a number of other riders and teams after suspects in a doping ring were named at the last moment.

It’s still a far more interesting event than this football thing, and this year marks the return of great British hope David Millar. I’ll probably be following it at the Eurosport site and the Tour de France blog I found a few weeks ago.

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More dumb football supporters- Tennis is not football

Andy Murray is a Scottish tennis player, why should he care about the English football team? After joking that he hoped “anyone except England” won the World Cup he’s been receiving hate mail, specifically comments on his weblog and had to issue a CYA statement saying he “supports English sportsmen and does not mind whether England win or lose”.

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More stupid football fans

Family attacked for flying German flag

A GERMAN engineer was left shocked and upset after yobbish England fans threw a brick at the front window of his family home where he was displaying his national flag.

Axel Hellwig, 37, was flying the German flag at his Bramhall semi-detached house when it was targeted moments after England’s victory over Trindad and Tobago. Mr Hellwig’s Brazilian wife Josedna, 38, was also displaying her national flag in the same window.

The couple and their sons, aged two years and seven months, were all unhurt but are now considering moving away from the area.


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Architecture Week

Buildings are more interesting than footballers (and cleverer, too). It’s Architecture Week. Here’s everything going on in the Northwest region. There are a number of architecture walks that look interesting and the FIBA Awards – Feeble Ideas and Bad Architecture. Should be interesting.

Don’t forget that Bike Week starts on Saturday. Find out more about the best form of urban transport and get your kids interested in a proper sport.

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Stupid football fan round up

Two are held for SS taunts

Exchange Sq soccer is switched off. And after they took down the big wheel for it as well. I don’t mind them spoiling things for other football fans, but when the rest of us lose something so they can benefit and then they take the piss it’s bloody annoying.

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Why don't you turn off the football and go and do something less boring instead

Following on from my pronouncement that Spinneyhead would be an Anti World Cup zone I’ve started compiling more interesting things to do and see whilst some blokes kick a ball around in Germany.

I get e-mails from the Council about events in the city, or you can go to their live events page. It seems as good a place as any to start.

Streets Ahead are planning a Summer of Enchanted Evenings. June 17th-18th sees the FEAST mass pipcnic in Platt Fields Park.

A midsummer mass picnic event for families and friends, with entertainment and activities, that will reflect the many heritages and rituals surrounding food and celebration. It will take place around the lakeside all Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon.

Before the start of events in Germany, but also looking interesting, next weekenmd there’ll be a show in Castlefield by Theater Titanick – “INSECT”. I saw their show a few years ago and loved it.

‘Insect’ is based around an East German morality tale and describes living creatures’ ever-present urge to fly. In this case, the creatures are wingless ants, who, in the gradual evolution of all life, produce their first offspring with wings. The show plays out the jealousy and rage of the parents, juxtaposed with their pride of and need to protect their young. In true Theater Titanick style, the show is performed on an epic scale. The ants are enormous mechanical creations; there is fire, water, things arrive by crane and take off along a runway. The struggle for flight will never seem the same again!

Manchester Bike Week is 17th-25th June. I’ll be covering it on 2 Wheels Good.

The Exodus Festival is in Hulme Park on the 24th.

There are other, less hyped, sporting events going on.

Films coming out soon-

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest – July 6th

Election – June 9th

Ultraviolet – Jun 23rd (Okay, this one looks a bit crap, but it didn’t stop me going to see Catwoman).

Fearless – June 23rd

This is just a starter. More suggestions as they occur to me. If you’re in another city please add stuff for your area in the comments.

Anyone fancy a Spinneyhead social on July 9th? We could have a barbecue (it might have stopped raining by then) and bring our own drinks so we don’t have to go into pubs with big screens.

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No football here

As we’re all being assaulted from all sides by World Cup propaganda I would just like to announce, as far ahead as everyone else that, Spinneyhead will be an anti World Cup zone. I normally keep quiet about this automatic assumption that all men are really, really interested in football but the fake patriotism and forced laddishness is going to reach critical levels in the coming weeks and I’m going to be here mocking it as much as it deserves. I may go and find out what else is going on when England are playing, to offer respite from it all.

I’m not a bad patriot because I want England to be knocked out in the first round, just someone who hates football.

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Ghost Town FC

You should know that I don’t usually give a toss about football. However, something caught my eye about the fixtures for the third round of the Champions League-

Anorthosis Famagusta v Rangers

Why is that so interesting? you ask. Well, Famagusta is a ghost town, and has been since Turkey invaded Cyprus in 1974. Anorthosis now plays at a stadium in the South of the island. I wonder if any of the British commentators will bother to mention the most interesting (for me) fact about the game?

I collected a few other links relating to Famagusta in a 2002 post.

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Last Chance to Buy

Buy a share in Manchester United before that American gets the rest of them. According to one fan on the news they need to keep ten percent of the shares out of Glazer’s hands to keep him from compulsorily purchasing them all.

Personally, I think there are far more important things to worry about, but it does give me a chance to link to one of my affiliate programmes.

Own A Real Share In Manchester United, Click Here!

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The crowd are in the House

The Guardian’s alternative, sports journalist’s, view of the Budget.

1pm “Peter Hain is officially Tangoman,” opines Martin Williamson. “He has a permatan … proof that too much sun causes you to spout utter *******”. I know who Tangoman is – I loved those ads, the ones with football’s Ray Wilkins – but Peter Hain? Is he in politics?

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