Ghost Town

The world’s biggest movie set?

You think of ghost towns as places that once were busy and full of citizens, only to be emptied out when whatever made them rich dried up. The city of Ordos in Inner Mongolia, however, never achieved any commercial success, and is full of empty tower blocks and part finished public spaces. It is home to only 2% of its projected population.

Just think of the films you could shoot here. Something creepy with a not quite functional future vibe to it. Gattaca with a far East twist or one of the planets of Serenity.

Ford shot a commercial there, but it’s just begging for more screen time than that.

Levenshulme’s Little Ghost Town

Little Ghost Town, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

When I lived in Levenshulme in my second year, oh so long ago, I would regularly pass a model village in the front garden of a local house. It was a jolly little place, well looked after and with lights in the windows at night.

I’d forgotten all about it until I passed it again earlier this year. Like too many places, Little Levy had fallen on hard times. Windows had been smashed, doors were kicked in and the roofs had been stripped or destroyed. It was a sad sight. I took a few pictures and vowed to come back and find out more.

Yesterday I knocked on the door of the house and asked if I could take some pictures. This must happen often because the lady I talked to commented to her son that “It’s about the little villge again.” The house had been empty for a few years, during which time its garden had been vandalised. The current owners have yet to do anything with the ghost town they’ve inherited.

The set of photos I took of the little ghost town is on Flickr.