Ashton Under Lyne

Around Ashton Again

Ashton-under-Lyne does not present its best face to you if you arrive by tram or bus. The new bus terminal is more attractive than the one it replaced, and it does a good job of hiding the back side of the shopping centre, but you’ve still found your way there past soulless big-box stores and venues. The more interesting part of town is on the other side of the Escher inspired maze of the shopping centre.

The market square and market hall lead you on to a small grid of streets, well stocked with interesting finds.


Of course, when I say interesting, I mean to me- so it’s all old facades, abandoned stuff, and a surprising number of dead nightclubs.


The Hudson Bay is even more exclusive now it’s shut down and no-one at all can get in.

Club Denial

Club Denial can’t accept that it’s now a small supermarket.

Tameside Hippodrome

The Hippodrome survived a century, but something between 2004 and now has led to its closure.


I’m not sure what Slotworld was before it was Slotworld, but it’s not Slotworld any more, either.

I wandered for a while, and was back a couple of days later to get a couple more pictures. There are more photos in the gallery.

Now, which satellite town should I visit next?

An architectural wander around Ashton Under Lyne

Ashton Under Lyne architectural wander

I recently moved to the eastern side of Manchester, and have found myself in Ashton quite often in the last few months. The town has some interesting buildings and has rekindled my interest in taking photos of architecture.

Ashton Under Lyne architectural wander

The day I chose to take my first wander had one of those Mancunian overcasts where my camera registers the sky as a featureless pale grey. So no brooding clouds behind any of the buildings in this set. Sorry.

You can see the full Ashton Under Lyne architectural wander set on Flickr.