Underground Manchester- under Great Northern and G-Mex

Underground Manchester

On Sunday a few of us went on an organised tour of old canal tunnels and air raid shelters under the Great Northern warehouse and G-Mex (now Manchester Central, back to the original station’s name). It was a short but fascinating glimpse of a piece of industrial history.

Experimenting with longer exposures gave a few good results.

Underground Manchester

Underground Manchester

Relying on the flash gave far grainier pictures, but some shots I didn’t have the time to set up a long exposure.

Underground Manchester

There are more pictures in my Underground Manchester set on Flickr, and Ickle has a few as well.

I believe this is the Irwell end of the canal we were exploring.

Dead end lock

After the tour I tried a few long shots of the Central Library.

Manchester Cenral Library

The Twang

The Twang, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

I’m still not 100% convinced by The Twang. They get it right more often than I want to punch the singer.