Platt Fields


Weekend of Rebellion

After Pride over the Bank Holiday weekend, this last one was more focused on Anger. Are we working our way through the seven sins? Next week, maybe I’ll just stay in bed for Saturday and Sunday. A big feast the one after.

I can’t wait for Lust to turn up.

Extinction Rebellion was in town from Friday to today, closing a section of Deansgate to traffic, and making it civilised. I visited, and took photos, on Friday and Saturday. It actually upset me, in a strange way, because it reminded me of the Reclaim The Streets demos I participated in in the 90s. We didn’t see the change we called for then until fairly recently, and then only slow and flawed. We don’t have two decades to wait for things to get done about climate change.

Also on Friday was August’s Critical Mass. But I’d walked in, so I just took some photos.

Saturday saw my second visit to Extinction Rebellion, and the Stop The Coup demo, which started out in Cathedral Gardens, and made its way to Albert Square, despite starting in very heavy rain.

Then it was down to Platt Fields for something not angry- the Festival of Manchester. I got some nice photos, then there was more heavy rain, so I abandoned it early.

It’s going to be a busy Autumn, and I’ll try to get to as many of these demos as possible, getting photos and video when I do.

Key swap party!!!

Key swap party!!!, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

Bike key, that is. Take a key, find the bike it unlocks, then ride it around Platt Fields lake. I was on the back of this tandem for a short way. We fell off twice. It wasn’t so bad when I was on the front.

The Moulton, as is its way, has shown me up by having a shredded sidewall on the rear tyre. People are still riding it though.

Bluebird K7

My “Oh wow!” moment of the morning was finding a seller on eBay offering remote control models of Donald Campbell’s last Bluebird boat. They’re available in 1:6th and 1:10th scale.

The South Manchester Model Boat Club get their boats out on Platt Fields boating lake on Sunday mornings. It would be mean to turn up with one of these and blast it around the island.

Transformers- robots in the snow!

Transformers- robots in the snow!

Last Tuesday would have been Andy’s birthday. I didn’t get to release any Bots or GIs for it, but I did get out on my bike the following day with a couple of robots and a Hummer full of GIs, all of which ended up in the snow in Platt Fields. Annoyingly, it’s taken me until today to upload the pictures.

Transformers- robots in the snow! Arctic GIs Arctic GIs

After giving the robots and soldiers their chilly freedom I headed on into town to shop, write and get this shot of the town hall complete with Santa and Christmas trees.

Albert Square gets all Christmassy

Robots in the Park

What You Lookin at

BOT074 BOT079 car chase BOT081 Gardening Aircraft Carrier car chase2 BOT091 Parking The Gang BOT073 Axe

The plan was to get up early(ish) and release a bunch of Transformers whilst other people had a lie in. The problem is it’s Sunday, so I had a lie in. On the plus side, this way I got to see some of the responses to the robots, and I found out that teh South Manchester Model Boat Club sails on the boating lake on Sunday mornings.

boat Boats

BMX racing in Platt Fields

BMX racing in Platt Fields, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

I only had my camera phone. But there’s more tomorrow, I may get some better photos then.