Buile Hill Park hothouse

Earlier this year, I shared a few photos from a wander around my council ward- Langworthy.

Amongst the buildings I took photos of was the skeleton of a large, wood framed greenhouse. I vowed to go back and try to get closer to take more photos, but haven’t managed to do so yet.

Buile Hill Park greenhouse skeleton
An article on SalfordOnline has given me some more information about the hothouse, built in the early twentieth century and, up until the 80s, full of exotic flora and fauna. This just makes its decay even sadder than when I though it was ‘just’ a big greenhouse.

While filming an archeological dig, was shocked to discover the skeletal remains of the once-grand Buile Hill Park hothouse in Salford.

Source: Watch: Salford’s Buile Hill Park hothouse abandoned to the elements –

An architectural wander around Langworthy 1

I went for a wander around the local area this afternoon to chat with some Green Party supporters. On the way, I found some interesting little corners of the ward.

Chaseley Road

Chaseley Road has this rather impressive gate at one end, which is a neat way to control traffic flow. I didn’t see if there was a matching one at the other end of the street, because I wandered down a little path towards some green space.

Salford Observatory

Where I found this. It’s the Salford Astronomical Societies Observatory. Not quite as cool as the observatory on top of the UMIST main building, but still quite a neat find.

Buile Hill Park greenhouse skeleton

Down the hill some more, I came to Buile Hill Park. When I worked in Irlams O’ The Heights, I’d cycle past the park on my commute, but never bothered going in. There was Buile Hill Hall itself, which I’ll have to go back and get photos of one day, and this impressive skeleton of a wood framed greenhouse.

Buile Hill Park greenhouse skeleton

Buile Hill Park greenhouse skeleton

It’s part of the Buile Hill Park Training and Garden Centre, and I think I can get closer shots if I visit some day when the centre is open, so that’s another reason to head back soonish.

I Will Eat Your Soul

Not from today’s wander, but I found this little bit of art adjustment in Chimney Pot Park on a similar jaunt on Friday.