St. George

The scooters of St George 2023

I primarily go to the St George’s Day parade for the scooters at the end, but there are always a few other cool vehicles passing by before them. The first half of the video is the Jeeps, Land Rovers and trucks that also attended, the second half the scooters.

For a while, it looked like the scooters weren’t going to make an appearance. I don’t know what held them up, but it must have been frustrating, and no doubt explains why they seemed more rowdy and anarchic than in previous years.

Manchester St. George’s Day 2010

I’ve got quite a way behind with editing and uploading my photos. Today may be a day of Photoshopping and uploading.

There are more pictures from Sunday’s parade in the Saint George’s Parade 2010 set on Flickr. If you look closely at the full size version of thgis one you’ll be able to see me and the mayor in reflection.

These are not the belly dancers of my fantasies

We arrived late to the St. George’s day parade and only caught the second half. That and the rain made it a bit of a let down.

For England (and various other countries) and St. George!

Jack Straw reminds us that Saint George was a Turkish Arab.

Wikipedia on Saint George.

I did get some quite good photos of the Saint George’s parade yesterday, but they’re on someone else’s camera. I might be able to post a few on Wednesday. In the mean time, check out Stuart R Brown’s set on Flickr.

BNP to spoil St George's Day

Only recently has the country started to feel it can celebrate St. George’s Day without worrying that some might think they’re being racist. Sadly, a bunch of idiots want to spoil all that hard work- the BNP intend to turn up to the St. George’s parade at the end of the month and sell “patriotic merchandise”.

If I remember, I’ll be there. But I’ll be ignoring the bigots.