Daily Mail- it’s okay to be racist if you do it with a smile.

Irony is a writer for the Daily Mail calling other people “pious, pompous, prudish, sanctimonious, semi-hysterical, self-righteous, mealymouthed, whining prigs”. Andrew Alexander thinks it’s okay to give someone a nickname that may sound, to anyone with a brain and some sensitivity, crass and insulting. In that spirit, I shall call him Tosser from now on. Me old mate Tosser thinks it’s a terrible shame that people have pointed out that Paki is a word loaded with racist overtones. He seems to be arguing that as Prince Harry’s used it it’s been given the Royal seal of approval as an acceptable way to refer to our brown friends.

Tosser’s argument is doubly pathetic because of the paper publishing it. The Daily Mail has an editorial policy of being offended by everything and anything that doesn’t fit into its narrow world view and is the loudest source of pious nonsense in the country.

The Royal Mail delivers irony

I’ve been waiting for a couple of EBay wins for a while, so today I decided to ask the sellers if they’d dispatched them. On the suggestion of one of the sellers I wandered off to the local sorting office to see if I’d missed a delivery and they were holding it.

You can guess what happened whilst I was out.

Somehow the skateboard deck fit through the door, but the other package had to be signed for.

So tomorrow I have to go to the sorting office to pick up a missed delivery they’re holding for me.