Leaping from tree to tree on the West Didsbury branch line 1

I keep getting distracted from the main aim of the day (making a start on the first page of Point of Contact, since you ask). But at least it’s by good content.

When I popped out for a quick food shop I ummed and ahhed about which direction to go. I’m glad I headed for Burton Road.

Clearing West Didsbury branch line

I’d seen the Save Our Trees signs, but hadn’t realised how urgent they were.

I’m a big kid, and I’m so glad I got to see these grown up Tonka toys in action.

Clearing West Didsbury branch line

First through, but the last I got a picture of, is the one which does the actual cutting. They were on a break when I got this picture, but as they didn’t call the Police when I asked if I could take pictures it would be ungrateful to complain.

Clearing West Didsbury branch line

I may have missed the machine which strips the smaller branches off the trunks and cuts the big sections into more manageable lengths. This John Deere beasty comes through after that work’s been done, picks up the thinner branches and bundles them into convenient lengths.

Clearing West Didsbury branch line

Then this folows and picks up the big trunks.

Clearing West Didsbury branch line

I couldn’t get down to platform level. This is it from up the embankment after cutting but before clearing.

Last train to West Didsbury station

This is a platform level shot of roughly the same spot which I took last year. And here’s a post from a few years ago about a wander along some of the line they’re clearing out. The cover of Global Weirding used a photo I took at one end of the old station platform. I have some other pictures, but they’ll take a bit of digging out.

Tracked radio vehicle/ armoured personnel carrier Tracked radio vehicle/ armoured personnel carrier

Entirely unrelated, but I saw this in the car park of the Four in Hand. I haven’t got a clue what it is, but I know enough war geeks that I might be able to get an answer. The yellow panel on the side is a warning about high voltage radio equipment.