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Ratty T is finished

Ratty T, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

I completed the rat rod T bucket a few weeks ago, but have only just got the photos uploaded.

Ratty T engine

The engine wiring is fairly basic, just the wires going to the spark plugs, no fuel or coolant lines. The exhaust pipes are aluminium tubing trimmed and superglued to the block, a bit more realistic than the plastic pipes that came with it.

Ratty T interior

The interior is basic. I didn’t add any extra detailing. All the gauges are sporting a very ratty black on black look.

Ratty T rear end

The fuel tank is a drop tank, probably 1:72nd, from the spares bin.

Ratty T

And here’s the T from the side. I’m looking for interesting new ways to display my models, this one’s going to be mounted in a picture frame, so it can be stood on someone’s desk like a photo of the family.

There are a few more photos of the build in the Ratty T set.

The HBO Intro model

A “making of” documentary from 1982 about the intro to programmes on the HBO channel. The model produced for the shot was thirty feet long and took three months to construct. Miniature effects are used less and less in film making as digital tools become more powerful. In one way, which I appreciate as someone who wants to make films, this is good because it makes production of spectacular effects cheaper. In another it’s a shame because the level of craftsmanship in these models is incredible.

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