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  • Lining up the projects for 2020

    From the Spinneyworld blog.

    For someone selling models and modelling accessories, I don’t get anywhere near enough models built. I’ve finished a couple of small scale builds this year, and may manage to wrap up the Bosozoku bike soon.

    So, I’m challenging myself to make more models in 2020. Particularly ones where the build utilises my own products or stock.

    The first three are lined up, and ready to go.

    Build 1 will be this Fujimi Honda CR-X.

    Honda CR-X

    The recently added Street and Track Racer Parts set was designed, in part, to provide bits for this build. I’m aiming for a mix of track day toy and street racer, with definite nods to Kanjo racers and their like.

    Build 2 will be a Gundam.


    I know next to nothing about Gundam. There’s a mythology, games, and who knows what else. I just want to build a giant robot. One of my new distractions is watching Gundam build videos on YouTube, and I am inspired to detail up the model, and pose it in a diorama. I don’t have any specific 3D printed stuff to go with it yet, but the scale is 1:144, so it will work with N gauge/ 10mm wargames buildings and models.

    Build 3 will be a Land Rover. Or maybe several Land Rovers. I have the Italeri 1:24 fire truck, as well as their 1:35th 109″, and Revel’s 1:35th soft top. If I pick up Revel’s new 1:24th offering as well, I may try to build it and the fire truck side by side.

    That’s the current plan. I’d love to be organised, and do a build a month. But I’m realistic, and I know how a plan like that soon comes unstuck, so we’ll see.

  • Hot Rod Peep Mirrors/Vintage Wing Mirrors

  • 70s custom car interior accessories

  • 1:24th scale hood scoops for custom cars

  • Action cameras for car and bike models

  • JDM/Race car door mirrors 1:24th scale

  • Vintage car interior details

  • 1:24th/1:32nd scale Racing Fuel Tank

  • Interior details for race and drift cars

  • Funky little Renault 5 Turbo

    Funky Renault 5

    I have a magazine full of custom cars and comics by a French artist called Pascal Meslet, which has somehow managed to survive since 1984. I’ve always wanted to make some models based upon the pictures in it, and finally managed to.

    It’s a far from direct copy, but this little Renault 5 was inspired by the image it was photographed on top of. It’s been practically finished for over a month, I just kept putting off painting the rear lights and gluing them in.

    I need to get more modelling done, I reckon.

  • RIP George Barris


    George Barris was the custom car builder who created the original Batmobile, and many other vehicles you may be familiar with from old TV shows. (But not the Monkee mobile.)

    Oddly, I went off on one of my little internet wanders earlier today, looking for replica Mercury bodyshells, thinking how cool it would be to put Tesla running gear under something that looked like the Hirohata Merc, one of Barris’ most famous cars.

    Source: George Barris, LA’s king of car customizers, was 89 – LA Observed

  • Jet Car!

    If you’ve got $30 grand burning a hole in your pocket and want to fight fire with fire, the “pulse jet lakester” is for you.

    One of my long list of ideas for models to build was a dry lake speedster based on a V1 flying bomb- take the wings off, make a simple chassis and fit wheels. It’s on hold, along with all my other big model projects.

    This guy built something that practically is that project, but in real life.

    Source: You Can Buy This Bonkers Jet Car for Just $30K | WIRED

  • Ultimate Custom Show

    Ultimate Custom Show 2015

    I’m a bit of an odd Green, because this was my birthday day out (a day early). Usually you’d have to drive to the location of a car show, which is tricky when you don’t have a car, so to be able to walk to this one was pleasant. There were some really nice cars and bikes present, and a few trucks decorated with film inspired murals that bordered on kitsch. They weren’t too tightly packed, which gave me plenty of room to get some nice shots, but it felt a bit sparse. A little bit of a let down, for what I paid, but I got some neat pictures.

    A couple of cars looked familiar.

    Ultimate Custom Show 2015

    I’m pretty sure this….

    Object of Desire-Cartoon hot rod

    Is this.

    Ultimate Custom Show 2015

    And this is a beast I passed a few times on the ride to work.

    The full gallery is below.

  • I remember the Seventies

    Cheshire Auto Promotions Indoor Classic Car Show 2011

    And so did the builder of this car it would seem. It’s very retro, though I think the metalflake paint has been augmented with the colour shift stuff found on TVRs (and Nissan Micras, for some reason).

    Cheshire Auto Promotions Indoor Classic Car Show 2011

    I doubt it goes to many shows in Germany.

    It makes me want to buy some old issues of Custom Car or Street Machine.

    Most o0f the pictures I took at the indoor classic car show on Sunday are quite noisy because I didn’t use the flash or think to go to full manual and tinker with ISO, aperture etc.. However, there are a few of them in this Flickr set.

  • If Morse were American- Drag Jag

    Dragster Jaguar Mk2

    Another image from Butch Pate’s Fotki galleries, which gave us the hot rodded prison bus last week. A Mk2 Jaguar dragster (or possibly even Pro Street car, it has the headlamps and indicators as a nod to street legality, and it looks like there’s a number plate on the rear and the Oklahoma equivalent of a tax disc in the window). I can’t imagine Morse piloting this through the sleepy country roads around Oxford. Unless he really needed to get to the pub, which was a quarter of a mile away, in about 12 seconds.

    Drag Jag Drag Jag Drag Jag Drag Jag Drag Jag interior Drag Jag interior Drag Jag

  • Billetproof

    Hot rod modellers, or builders, looking for inspiration should definitely check out some of the machinery which turns up at Billetproof shows. A lot of it straddles the old genius/insane line then bleeds the air bags and sits on it defiantly. What can I say, I want a lowrider Rolls.

    Jalopnik has quite a few Billetproof posts.

  • Some inspiration for French customs

    I linked to the full size bike designs of Olli Erkilla on Two Wheels Good. But if you look at his website you’ll find lots of other cool stuff. The Digital Art section has lots of cool customs, mostly based on the good old 2CV.  I’m a fan of the Traction Avant coupe shown above, and I have an old Matchbox kit I can make up like it.

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