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Chrome & Flames Oct/Nov 1991 – look inside a vintage car mag

Another magazine from the stash. Chrome & Flames was a Belgian based magazine, published in French, German, and English (and maybe other languages, I don’t know).

Significantly more glossy than the British mags I’ve collected, it was focused almost entirely on finished cars, where UK magazines would be full of how-tos and product reviews. The cars in Chrome & Flames are, generally, easier to find models of, and much, much more flashy.

Unboxing vintage hot rod kits

Some models I found whilst searching through the stash. These three hotrod/vintage Fords were a mystery to me at first. I definitely can’t remember where I got them from (it was probably Ebay ;-P), but I’ve got a better idea what they are now. Look out for one or more of them becoming builds in the next few months.

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Hot Rod Peep Mirrors/Vintage Wing Mirrors

70s custom car interior accessories

1:24th scale hood scoops for custom cars

Vintage car interior details

1:24th/1:32nd scale Racing Fuel Tank

Jet Car!

If you’ve got $30 grand burning a hole in your pocket and want to fight fire with fire, the “pulse jet lakester” is for you.

One of my long list of ideas for models to build was a dry lake speedster based on a V1 flying bomb- take the wings off, make a simple chassis and fit wheels. It’s on hold, along with all my other big model projects.

This guy built something that practically is that project, but in real life.

Source: You Can Buy This Bonkers Jet Car for Just $30K | WIRED

Ultimate Custom Show

Ultimate Custom Show 2015

I’m a bit of an odd Green, because this was my birthday day out (a day early). Usually you’d have to drive to the location of a car show, which is tricky when you don’t have a car, so to be able to walk to this one was pleasant. There were some really nice cars and bikes present, and a few trucks decorated with film inspired murals that bordered on kitsch. They weren’t too tightly packed, which gave me plenty of room to get some nice shots, but it felt a bit sparse. A little bit of a let down, for what I paid, but I got some neat pictures.

A couple of cars looked familiar.

Ultimate Custom Show 2015

I’m pretty sure this….

Object of Desire-Cartoon hot rod

Is this.

Ultimate Custom Show 2015

And this is a beast I passed a few times on the ride to work.

The full gallery is below.

Object of Desire- a brand new 1932 Ford

I love hot rods. It’s unlikely I’m ever going to own, let alone build, one, but here’s something that would make it easier. Ford’s own component sales division offers brand new reproduction parts for some of their most iconic vehicles, including a full 1932 Model B five window body. This is the little deuce coupe the beach Boys sang about, only straight from the factory.

It’s not clear from the article whether this is just a body or if the chassis is included, but it is fresh sheet metal to begin working on. And, as the article suggests, it could be the basis for builds that would be considered sacrilegious if done to an original. Hybrid hot rod anyone?

via One Of Ford's Most Exciting New Products Is An 82-Year-Old Design.

Double Trouble Hot Rod

It may seem like an odd thing for a cyclist and longtime eco-worrier to say, but I like cars. Interesting cars, not everyday ones or even those supercars we’re all supposed to drool over. Stuff like this- a two engine, four supercharger 1927 Ford Model T hot rod. It’s insane and awesome and far more interesting than any Ferrari could ever be.

Watch this now- Speed Dreams: The Fastest Place On Earth

I may be an eco-worrier, but I also have a love of interesting cars. Sadly, most motoring television is fixated with dull penis replacements which cost more than a house (I’m looking at you Top Gear). So it was nice to see a two part documentary on Bonneville Speed Week. The first episode has probably dropped off iPlayer by now, but Jalopy Journal has found it on YouTube and embedded it.

Any one of the cars which makes it out to the salt flats is more interesting than all the supercars being drooled over by Clarkson and co.. We need to see more of this sort of stuff on the telly, so I’ll give a nod to Fast ‘n Loud on Discovery- two men with awesome beards rescue old cars, customise them and try to turn a profit.

Object of Desire-Cartoon hot rod

Object of Desire-Cartoon hot rod, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

This passed me going the other way as I was heading into town. I immediately turned round and caught it at the lights. I’m not sure what it is- it looked like it had a 32 Ford radiator shell, but that’s not necessarily conclusive on a rod. The supercharged engine had a nice burble to it, and I’m intrigued by the air scoop into the boot. Those Mickey Thompsons are serious, aren’t they.

Get me to the prison in record time

Hosted on Fotki

This is just brilliant. There’s no commentary with the photos, but you can see that it’s a hot-rodded prison bus (or a hot-rodded bus/commercial vehicle made up to look like a prison bus). Insane.

Hosted on Fotki

Hosted on Fotki

The photographer who took this, who goes by Butch Pate, has many great albums of photos from car shows in his Fotki gallery.