FittedUK 2019

FittedUK 2019

I know, I know. What’s a Green Party member doing at a car show?

I like cars, particularly ones with a bit of individuality. If I ever get to the point where I can afford to run one, switching it to electric power will be part of the customisation. Until then, I’ll enjoy the looks and styling of other folks’ rides, and steal ideas for models for the Spinneyworld Shop.

Enjoy the Flickr album. You may have to click on the image to go to the site, depending upon how temperamental the embedding code is being today.

I just got a second hand digital SLR, so I was trying it out and experimenting with settings a bit. There was definitely a lot less noise than I got from the last camera I used in EventCity, but even with aperture priority set to its widest, and ISO at 800, exposure times were enough to introduce the occasional blur from shaking. I’ve not included the worst of those, of course. And cars with darker paint jobs are less well represented as well. The autofocus had issues differentiating them from dark backgrounds.

Jet Car!

If you’ve got $30 grand burning a hole in your pocket and want to fight fire with fire, the “pulse jet lakester” is for you.

One of my long list of ideas for models to build was a dry lake speedster based on a V1 flying bomb- take the wings off, make a simple chassis and fit wheels. It’s on hold, along with all my other big model projects.

This guy built something that practically is that project, but in real life.

Source: You Can Buy This Bonkers Jet Car for Just $30K | WIRED

Double Trouble Hot Rod

It may seem like an odd thing for a cyclist and longtime eco-worrier to say, but I like cars. Interesting cars, not everyday ones or even those supercars we’re all supposed to drool over. Stuff like this- a two engine, four supercharger 1927 Ford Model T hot rod. It’s insane and awesome and far more interesting than any Ferrari could ever be.

If Morse were American- Drag Jag

Dragster Jaguar Mk2

Another image from Butch Pate’s Fotki galleries, which gave us the hot rodded prison bus last week. A Mk2 Jaguar dragster (or possibly even Pro Street car, it has the headlamps and indicators as a nod to street legality, and it looks like there’s a number plate on the rear and the Oklahoma equivalent of a tax disc in the window). I can’t imagine Morse piloting this through the sleepy country roads around Oxford. Unless he really needed to get to the pub, which was a quarter of a mile away, in about 12 seconds.

Drag Jag Drag Jag Drag Jag Drag Jag Drag Jag interior Drag Jag interior Drag Jag

Banger racing nostalgia 1

Figure of eight banger racing from World of Sport, back in the days when Grandstand on the BBC had all the dull stuff like football and ITV tried to compete with stuff which was cheaper and generally more fun. Things like this and wrestling with Giant Haystacks and Big Daddy (“Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom was said to be a fan of Big Daddy, as was then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who is said to have quoted him several times during union negotiations in 1983 regarding the long-term unemployed.”???!!!!)

Pre-’68 banger racing from last year.

Heavy Metal Classic from earlier this year at Standlake Arena. The banger racing and stock cars at Belle Vue are fun, but it looks like we’ll have to go further afield for the really spectacular stuff.

Thunderpix has banger racing pictures. I think I’m going to turn a Base-Toys Rover 100 into a banger. Where’s my Dremel?

Get me to the prison in record time

Hosted on Fotki

This is just brilliant. There’s no commentary with the photos, but you can see that it’s a hot-rodded prison bus (or a hot-rodded bus/commercial vehicle made up to look like a prison bus). Insane.

Hosted on Fotki

Hosted on Fotki

The photographer who took this, who goes by Butch Pate, has many great albums of photos from car shows in his Fotki gallery.


Hot rod modellers, or builders, looking for inspiration should definitely check out some of the machinery which turns up at Billetproof shows. A lot of it straddles the old genius/insane line then bleeds the air bags and sits on it defiantly. What can I say, I want a lowrider Rolls.

Jalopnik has quite a few Billetproof posts.

Drifting at the Trafford Centre

Drifting at the Trafford Centre

It may be wrong for an eco-worrier such as I to enjoy motorsport, but I do. I’ve been fascinated by drifting for a while. I blame Need For Speed and Initial D. The rules of drifting must make it the only motorsport which is scored on style. Mostly I was happy to see cars going sideways and I didn’t mind who won.

Drifting at the Trafford Centre

Drifting at the Trafford Centre

Drifting at the Trafford Centre

Motorsport doesn’t often come this close to the centre of Manchester. That the course could be laid out with mini cones on the Trafford Centre’s overflow carpark must have helped. Practice was on the Saturday, but I went for the racing on the Sunday. There was other entertainment laid on- a monster truck and motocross stunts- and a number of interesting cars in the car park. By the end of the day I was covered in flecks of tyre rubber, a side effect of standing on the apex of the corners. There are more pictures in the Drifting at the Trafford Centre set.

Object of Desire- Patina finish Chevrolet pickup 1

Patina finish Chevy pickup

You can keep your Ferraris and Lamborghinis. This is the sort of car that gets my attention. I spotted this lowered, rust finished Chevy pickup in Salford on the ride to work yesterday, and soon regretted not stopping to take pictures. But it was still there on the way back, so this time I got off the bike and grabbed a few shots.

Patina finish Chevy pickup Patina finish Chevy pickup Patina finish Chevy pickup

The number plate says it all- “Rough as toast” and just as tasty.

Some inspiration for French customs

I linked to the full size bike designs of Olli Erkilla on Two Wheels Good. But if you look at his website you’ll find lots of other cool stuff. The Digital Art section has lots of cool customs, mostly based on the good old 2CV.  I’m a fan of the Traction Avant coupe shown above, and I have an old Matchbox kit I can make up like it.

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