Hot Rod 7s

I recently got, from Ebay, this kit of a BMW Dixi.


The Dixi was basically an Austin 7 made under licence in Germany. I’m thinking of turning it into a rod, so this post about hotrod Austin 7s was interesting. I may use some of the stuff available from Scale Link in 1:24th, which includes a Rover V8, the quintessential british rodding motor.

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Death Race

They’re remaking Death Race 2000, now simply Death Race, with Jason Statham taking the role of Frankenstein. This may just be another example of the film industry running out of ideas, but at least the cars they’ve built for this version look suitably hardcore.

I’ve been collecting 1:32nd scale car kits for a while with the intention of creating a set of vehicles something like the ones made for Death Race. I think it’s time to start work on a few of them so they’ll be done by the time the film comes out.

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Rebel Rodz

I’ve found a local newsagent with a great selection of magazines that I’ve not seen anywhere else. I may have to visit once a month to pick up new reads.

This month’s mag was Rebel Rodz, dedicated to old school rodz, bikes and tattoos. A great source of inspiration.

Sites mentioned in the mag include-

Chopper Festival.

Festivale de la Gente.


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Aetheric Mechanics

SCUD, originally uploaded by warrenellis.

WArren Ellis has posted a set of reference images used in his upcoming Aetheric Mechanics graphic novel. They loo like prime materials for Luft ’46 subjects.

Soyuz on the train

io9 has pictures of a Soyuz rocket being hauled across the desert to its launch site by a diesel train. It might be hard to scale match a model of the rocket (or even find one, I couldn’t get a match for “Soyuz” at Hannants) and a Russian train, but think of the diorama possibilities.

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