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Model car and component manufacturers

A list of companies making model cars and car customising parts. Like the list of model figure manufacturers it’s not complete and will be updated as I find new companies.

ABC Brianza. High quality reproductions of exotics.

adp modelle

Athearn. Locomotive and truck models.

Atlas Model Railroad Co. HO, N and O railway and vehicle models.

Dennis Aust. Truck cabs and accessories.

AUTOart models. Diecast models, slot cars and accessories.

Automobilia. Incredibly detailed photo etched parts and transkits for 1:87th cars from Wiking and Herpa.

AWM automodelle. European lorries and cars, mostly HO.

Barnett scale model hot rods. Stylised hot rod models in large scales.

BBR Models. Large scale exotics.

Beetle shop in Paris. Models of Beetles, Porsches and tuners.

Beka. Eastern European manufacturer of buses, lorries and trams.


Brumm. Italian manufacturer of diecast models.

BS Design. Resin kits of mostly European cars.

BSR Replicas & Finishes. Brigman & Son Racing Replicas – NASCAR modelling supplies.

Busch. German manufacturer of small scale vehicles and accessories for model railways.

Classic Construction Models. Cranes, bulldozers etc.

Classic Metalworks. Diecast cars and trucks in 1:25th and 1:87th.

C & D Models. 1:64th scale farm machinery.

D & K Modellbau. 1:87th scale models of mining and other really big rigs.

Detail Master. Lots of hot rod and drag racing accessories, from full bodies to interior junk.

DHS Diecast. The world’s largest construction diecast dealer.

Diecast car collectors’ zone.

Faller. Model railway products, including vehicles.

Fisher Model & Pattern. Car and plane models.

Fred’s Model World. Obsolete car models.

Grand Prix Models.

GHQ Models. Wargaming vehicles and very detailed HO and N models.

Hapico. Japanese kits and magazines and resin kits available in the US. Includes a very nice belly tank racer.


High Tech models

Hobby-Carmodel. French site with lots of racing cars and accessories- rally, formula 1, Le Mans.

Horbra Modellautos. European and race and rally cars.

Icaro Hobbies. Stocks lots of kits, mostly exotics and race cars.

JAKS Industries HO models for railway modellers.

K and R Replicas. 1:43rd and 1:24th scale models of british road, rally and race cars.

Lineside Models N scale cars and trucks.

Lion Models. Limited run 1:87th scale models.

mafma. Various scales. Stocks a lot of manufacturers.

Lowrides hobby shop. Lowrider models and accessories.

Milestone Miniatures. 1:43rd scale models.

Mimic. Resin wheels, steering wheels and decals.

The Model Car Garage. Resin and photo etched detailing parts.

Model Express.

Model Roundup.

Precision Miniatures. Manufacturers of quality 1:18th scale car models.

Ridgway diecast collectables.

MotoMini. Toy and model motorbikes.

Oxford Diecast. 1:76th and 1:43rd scale diecast models suited to model railways.

TNT Hobbies/ Only Race Cars. Only race cars.

Perry’s Resin. High-quality resin-cast kits, conversions and accessories. Has recently stopped shipping small parts in internet orders as they’ve opened a hobby shop.

Pit Lane Models. Racing car models.

Racing 43. Race, rally and exotics models.

Satco. 1:24th/1:25th scale tyres.

Scale Productions. German site with lots of models and parts.

Thunder Valley F1.

R & D Unique. 1:24th/ 1:25th scale detail parts.

US Models

Venice Model Team.

Vintage Racing collectables.

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1/64 Rally Car Collection Colin McRae Memorial Box 1

Available from Hobby Link Japan, part one of a tribute to Colin McRae.

This is a beautiful set of rally cars dedicated to the memory of rally race ace Colin McRae, who tragically died along with his five-year-old son and two family friends in a helicopter accident in September 2007. Box 1 consists of the cars illustrated below, chronicling part of McRae’s stellar career from 1992 to 1998. Each highly detailed 1/64-scale car comes mounted on a black plastic base with inscriptions. A fitting tribute to one of rally car racing’s most famous and beloved drivers.

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Down on the Street

Jalopnik has a regular feature called Down On The Street, where old cars on the streets of Alameda, an island in San Francisco bay, are photographed. It just reached its 150th vehicle. Each of these little photo essays has loads of reference, whether for particular vehicles or just weathering and realistic damage.

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Stripping diecast models

I’m about to start work on another batch of small scale custom cars again. I’m going to try stripping one and giving it a new paint job, so I went looking for instructions and hints. This page at Hot World Customs breaks down quite a few methods. I think I might try using caustic soda because I imagine it’s less polluting and easier to store.

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Wish List Time

At the moment I’m collecting, more than making, models. And I don’t have the money or the space to do much of that, either.

But that’s not going to stop me drawing up a wish list of kit’s I’d like to get my hands on or see produced. Quite a few of them are driven by a desire to start painting 54mm figures, particularly Andrea’s character series and placing them in dioramas involving relevant vehicles.

1. Arii’s Collectors’ Series available in the UK. I’ve developed a crush on these 1:32nd scale curbside models without ever seeing one or reading a review. I’m watching a lot of Kung Fu movies at the moment and I want to put Bruce Lee on a street with a delivery trike behind him and scattered boxes and other debris. I could order the models from Japan, or EBay shops in Australia or Hong Kong, but I’d really like to be able to get them from my local model shop or one of the bigg online shops like Hannants.

2. More of Airfix’s 1:32nd scale ’60s and ’70s saloons re-released. I’ve read that some of the moulds were damaged or lost, and I may be the total market for a Morris Marina model. What I really want is the Ford Capri and Ford Escort. (I know the latter was in last year’s three car special set, so I’ll see if I can pick up one of those.) I don’t have any plans for these in figure terms, just an abiding fondness formed from reading Street Machine and Custom Car in my youth. Whilst we’re about it, let’s have a Ford Pop (Anglia in the States, I think) in that scale. I know there was a 1:24th, or 1:25th van version by one of the US manufacturers, but let’s have the saloon beloved of British hotrodders.

3. Photoetched parts for 1:72nd scale cars such as the ones from Cararama. You can get them for 1:87th cars (and, a little, for 1:76th ones as well), so let’s have them for my braille scale of choice. I’m going to start producing transfers and stuff again, so one day I may be the person who satisfies this desire. (Affiliate link Cararama 1:72nd cars on EBay)

4. Retro robo. This is a personal project, I don’t want anyone to produce it. I just need to find an appropriate Japanese robot to kit bash and lots of spare parts to use in the bashing.

5. Preiser 1:72nd stuff. I know they do a lot of good stuff in this scale, I just can’t find it in my local model shops.

That’s what I want right now. That, and the money to afford it all.

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Japanese Kei cars

Kei cars are a class designed to get around Japanese tax and insurance legislation. They’re tiny, the light weight making them nippy around town despite their one or two cylinder engines.

Jalopnik drove a trio of kei cars belonging to an American fan, then took anexample of Mazda’s first ever four wheeled vehicle to a dealer so they could compare it to the manufacturer’s current models.

If you want to model these cute little things, then Arii’s Owner’s Club range has a number of them, and the three wheeled delivery trucks and other classic Japanese vehicles of the 60s and 70s that you keep seeing in Kung Fu movies.

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