Living Space 21

Living Space 21 aims to provide cheap, low impact housing for the UK. If you have 40 square metres of land with access you can have one of their Studios on Stilts for £60,000. What’s more, they’ve teamed up with the Co-operative bank who will provide a 95% mortgage, with stages if you choose to go the self build route.

If you do go the self build route they will supply the frame with doors, patio and stilts, if necessary, for less than £20,000. Plotsearch is recommended if you need to find the land for your build.

via TreeHugger

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The Ecopod

Looking like the the rocket ship from Georges Méliès Voyage dans la Lune, ecopodhomes are prefabricated 4 metre diameter structures (6 metre diameter coming soon) that are built off site and can be erected in 2 hours. They can be connected to mains water and electricity or built “off-the-grid”.

We have set out to produce a modern comfortable home, which will have the minimum impact on the environment by cutting energy requirements and costs by up to 90% and producing virtually no CO2 emissions.

We want to demonstrate the savings that can be achieved through this pioneering design and innovative off site construction methods

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