And you thought the Americans were bad

Ok. I found a blog called expatyank, and jimney christmas, this guy is fantastic. He is extremely right wing, supports war and has an acute ability to be a complete racist!!!!

But the best part, drum roll please, he actually lives in Dorset with an English wife! All this pro-neocon shite eminating from this guy’s bungholio, BUT THE FIRST CHANCE HE GOT TO GET OUT OF THE STATES – HE TOOK IT!

Please, I beg of you, you must visit his site. It will reinforce all the negative american stereotypes you’ve been harboring for years…….

Today’s pic.
Okay, I have a confession. Whilst surfing around yestserday I downloaded Mein Kampf. I haven’t started to read it yet, but I’m not expecting it to be pleasant.
It’s partly fascination, partly the sort of thing Hatewatch (currently down) was trying to achieve- know your enemy/ let the idiots speak and hang themselves. I tried reading the Turner Diaries a while ago, and got as far as chapter three. It’s bland and pedestrian and, though the nastiness is kept under control in an attempt to keep the less radical reading, takes it as read that anyone who isn’t a white racist should be killed.
On a lighter note, I’ve decided, as I was telling my father last night, that I’ll probably be an overnight success in 2006. So I’d best start working on it now.

I’ve started reading the last Tom Clancy, The Bear and The Dragon, to satisfy my guilty techno-thriller craving. I’m only a fraction of the way in (it’s bloody huge), but first impressions-
You can’t stop reading it, you need to know how it’s all going to pan out. The good news is it looks likely to be another large-ish conflict at the end, just based upon the characters being set up, rather than the nasty anti climax of Rainbow Six. The bad news is you get more than the usual Clancy editorialising through characters- a depiction of the Chinese which isn’t quite racist but is certainly xenophobic, some unnecessary homophobia, dismissals of ecological concerns in ways which would sound stupid to anyone but an oil baron and regular slagging of Clinton (despite the fact that in Clancy’s universe, ol’ Bill never even made it into the White House.)
I’m still going to read all the way to the end though.