The Brooklyn Plague

This is a fascinating story of how the bubonic plague nearly hit New York’s harbours at the height of the second world war. Almost as fascinating as the original “Wyoming incident” is the run around the writer went through to find out about it.

This is the story — kept secret at the time, still largely unreported today — of how the most infamous disease in history broke into New York City in the midst of World War II. This is the story of the ominously-named “Wyoming matter,” and how it took me months to track down evidence it ever happened.

Source: The Secret Story Of How Bubonic Plague Nearly Broke Out In New York City

Who's a Rat?

Who’s a Rat?
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The Mouse would like it known that, despite his heritage, he’s not a rat. But just in case anyone outs him, he’s taking precautions.

There’s a site out there called Who’s A Rat? (currently timing out), where police informers and undercover officers can be named and shamed targetted. It’s American, and protected by the First Amendment, but I bet anyone starting a Who’s A Dealer? site would have more than Free Speech to worry about.