Bikes and Banners for Bank Holiday Monday

Manchester Whit Walk 2012

The very first pictures I uploaded to Flickr, way back in 2005, were of the Manchester Whit Walk. Nearly 8,000 images and over a million views later I finally managed to catch the Walk again. I’ve not uploaded many of the photos I took today to the Whit Walk 2012 set because I wanted to post stuff quickly. More may be added when I have time.

On the way into town I stopped to get a few shots of the Daily Mirror organised cyclosportive. I like this one-

Manchester Cycle

(I did a little bit of Photoshopping to remove the street light which was sticking out of the rider’s helmet at an odd angle and to get a darker and more detailed sky.)

As I walked my bike along the side of the route I was asked a couple of imes why I wasn’t taking part. The honest answer is I’ve been distracted and disorganised and, as with so many things, it sneaked up on me before I really knew about it. Maybe next year……

I also took this picture, a baby architectural wander-


The Christians demand special treatment 1

Lord Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, wants employment tribunals involving Christians to be adjudicated by judges “with a proven understanding of religious issues”. In other words, judges who’ll rule in favour of the Christian defendant no matter how weak their case. This was reported as a good thing, to be supported and defended, by the Daily Mail and inspired the usual drivel from Melanie Phillips. Just imagine the frothing anger that would have been on display if a prominent imam had said it instead. (And is it any surprise that they make Lord Neuberger, with his very Jewish name, the bad guy of the report and opinion piece?)

Workers have every right to refuse to perform certain tasks if they deem them to be dangerous, illegal or counter productive. I don’t believe that using your religion to justify your prejudices counts as a valid reason not to do your job.