A Death Row pardon, two minutes too late

It’s odd, but I’ve found, when it comes to political websites, that the best way to find someone I can agree with is to go to the site of someone whose opinions I find laughably wrong. It used to be that anthing the Freepers disliked was good fodder, but since they spat the dummy I’m back to surfing the reactionary blogosphere.

This is why I have blogrolled The Blacklist, a blog that does nothing more constructive than find me cool stuff like The Peace Pretzel and demand that Free Speech be restricted to what he says. I’ve posted a comment telling him to keep up the good work. If he comes here but doesn’t understand the irony of me praising him then maybe he should check out the Guardian’s attempt to understand the subject.

Words are like weapons

Just a random thought about words, which I may throw at a few Freepers later to upset them. The Iraqi guerillas are being reffered to as ‘militia’. Now, the second amendment- about the only one safe under Dubya- calls for the creation of an armed militia to defend the homeland (I paraphrase). Are these guys exercising their constitutional rights, or is the NRA a terrorist organisation?

I didn’t promise NO war, just less.