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Just how realistic is 24? (Contains mild spoilers for those of us watching it on Sky.)

CTU’s ridiculously capable agents fish through oceans of information to discover imminent attacks, lurk behind every security camera on every street corner, and have a license to torture detainees if it means preventing a nuclear nightmare. Executive producer Howard Gordon has described “24” as catering to the public’s post-9/11 “fear-based wish fulfillment” for protectors like Jack Bauer, who don’t hesitate to go to extremes. That’s one way of putting it. Another is that “24” is war-on-terror porn.

Salon Day Pass required.

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(Cross posted to Monitor Duty, where I seem to be the token ‘liberal’. I’d be interested in debating this with some of them, because none of the arguments against have any merits whatsoever as far as I can see.)

It’s always worth getting a Salon day pass to check out Keith Knight’s K Chronicles This week- the San Francisco gay marriage kerfuffle.

Daryl Cagle has assembled a load of cartoons on the subject, logical, political, sweet, funny and moronically reactionary.

Personally, I think the King of Cambodia has the right idea.

(Two comments about gay weddings in one day? I have a cold, it must be putting me in touch with my feminine side. Plus, King Sihanouk is my new hero.)


Theworldvotes Newsletter, February 2004

John Kerry is taking the lead among the Democrats; George Bush is still the main Republican contender. But what about the other candidates?

In our second global poll, we invite you to judge the US Presidential candidates on their foreign policy. You will be asked to select two statements from the running candidates.

Afterwards, we will let you know which statements were most popular – and who of the candidates made them.

Please take some time to visit the link below and answer the questions.

Theworldvotes Poll – February 2004

It looks like a guy I’ve never even mentioned is going to be the Democrat candidate. In a desperate attempt to redress the balance, here’s his official site– and some personal commentary.

Unlike the Great Leader, Kerry actually served in Vietnam. After seeing action and receiving a number of decorations he used a rule allowing servicemen wounded three times to be removed from active duty. Even if (even by his own admission), at least two of those wounds were minor, you have to be in the fight to catch the flak. He returned to the States and, with many others, joined in the campaign against the war before going into politics. His experience in Vietnam may have flavoured his attitude to the country afterwards. I say may, as I got all this information from an anti-Kerry page. It being my only source of info so far I have to say that it’s taken the man up in my estimation rather than having the desired effect. I sure as hell don’t think that his bones should be hung out to dry like children’s underwear.

I’m still going to miss Howard Dean though.

The mushroom treatment

I was going to title this The most powerful moron in the world, but people get offended by that sort of thing. Their delicate sensibilities are also upset when I say that Bush is a liar. So I won’t do that either. I’ll pretend that Wubble U is getting the mushroom treatment- being kept in the dark and fed bullshit. How else, if the first two assertions aren’t true, can he go on claiming that UN weapons inspectors didn’t go into Iraq well before the invasion?

Bush first made the claim in a press conference last year with Kofi Annan, of all people, right beside him. I had a rant about it at the time. Now he’s gone and made the claim again, this time during a press conference with the Polish prime minister.

I get a few American visitors. Please tell me if your country’s notoriously liberal media, beyond Salon and the original piece in the Washington Post reported it, or were they too busy harping on about a Democrat hopeful’s post defeat yodel? If not then you should spread the word, because if he’s on record misleading you about something so easily proved then just imagine what he’s making up about the secret stuff.