Christmas in Baghdad

More tense than an average day. When do they get to have some proper peace?

Kids in Iraq also believe in Santa Claus, but people here call him ‘Baba Noel’ which means, “Father Noel”. I asked the children what he looked like and they generally agreed that he was fat, cheerful, decked in red and had white hair. (Their impertinent 11-year-old explains that he’s fat because of the dates, cheerful because of the alcohol and wears red because he’s a communist!) He doesn’t drop into Iraqi homes through the chimney, though, because very few Iraqi homes actually have chimneys. He also doesn’t drop in unexpectedly in the middle of the night because that’s just rude. He acts as more of an inspiration to parents when they are out buying Christmas gifts for the kids; a holiday muse, if you will. The reindeer are a foreign concept here.

Ho Ho Ho

Damn she was fine…..

Merry Christmas and all that jazz. Edinburgh was awash in Santa hats and expensive packages for the gift of giving. I have been busily reading away at North Koreas latest move into the nuclear arms race. Very interesting stuff and I believe they are just “messin” with the good old boys in Washington, but it paints a very frightful picture of the world. Things can change so quickly and something must be done about how agressive the US has become. Call me an ex-pat bleeding heart liberal but about 4 years back the last thing on the public radar was global war. What is a peace loving hippy like myself to do?