Hulme has a new eco school

The Rolls Crescent Community Primary School in Hulme has had a £5million revamp to incorporate energy and water saving technologies. All new public buildings should be required to be net zero carbon, or better, before they’re given the go ahead. It sounds like a lot to ask, but in the long run it’ll save money and set a good example.

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Environmental news round up

Trees absorb less carbon dioxide as the world warms up.

The ability of forests to soak up man-made carbon dioxide is weakening, according to an analysis of two decades of data from more than 30 sites in the frozen north.

Oil price hits $100 per barrel for the first time.

German cities ban the most polluting cars.

Solar school in Trafford.

A School in Trafford is about to become one of the country’s ‘greenest’ when solar panels are installed on its roof as part of a renewable energy drive.

Sale Grammar School is being given the panels, which are worth about £20,000, by the Co-operative Group.

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