Wife Swapping

Come on Barbie, let’s go wife swapping

Jack Ryan, the man who created Barbie and Ken, as well as Hot Wheels and other classic Mattel products, was a very naughty boy. In fact he was “a ‘full blown seventies-style swinger’ who patronised ‘high class call girls to streetwalkers’ in his quest for excitement”. Not that any of that really matters, even if his horniness may have led to Barbie’s impossible physique, it just makes for a silly story.


The quest to complete the 100 Things continues. I’ve done a little research towards number 7- Take part in a threesome.

So I present to you- a beginners guide to wife swapping.

Old Cycling on the Pavement columns continue to go into the Archive. Annual subscribers now get extra free content, which will keep changing over time. Right now it’s two of the desktop wallpapers.

A very, very short snippet from The Eliza Effect-
They gathered around Owen’s desk to compare cars. “Honda Accord, automatic.” He announced.
“With cruise control?” Mike asked, Owen nodded. “Polo. Swap?”
“Polo’s a bit small for me.”
“I’ve got a Mondeo. It’s far too big for me. I’ll take the Polo.” Paul tossed his keys to Owen, who checked them and slid his across the table to Mike.
On her way to the photocopier, Kate stopped just long enough to comment, “If you’re going to have that kind of party you really need wives.”